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  1. I'm working at a nature camp this summer and the kids are all really great. I've been performing magic throughout the summer and some of the kids have really shown an interest in getting involved in magic.

    I want to help nourish that interest, so, in a week or two, I'm going to do an "Intro to Magic" course for the kids as an interest group (interest groups are something we do once a week where all the counselors pick an activity and kids from all different groups get to pick what they do for that block). I'm going to have kids ranging from 8-14, so I'm trying to get some ideas for some effects I could teach.

    I want them to be easy enough for the younger kids to understand, but cool enough that the older kids enjoy them. I'm not looking for anything major--no major sleight of hand or gimmicks. No major secrets--just some cool self working card tricks and a few other little things they can entertain their siblings and friends with.

    Any ideas you guys can contribute would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Do some of the stuff E did for free on the commercials of Selloutcadabra.

  3. Yes, you could just teach them some tricks they could do with a simple control and a double lift.
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    I don't want to give away that much, and I don't think the younger kids would be able to do it or bother putting in the practice. I'm just looking for some things they can go home and do that night for their family and friends.

    Thanks for the reply though. I appreciate any and all suggestions you guys have.

    Right now I have 2 self-working card tricks: A simple Spec Cuts to the Aces, and Telemental by Bob King (a great lie detector effect from Aldo Colombini's "Impromptu Card Magic" book). I'm also going to teach them the basic triple prediction using the one-ahead principle (with pen and paper, not cards).
  5. i would teach them some coin ticks, a few simple false transfers and things of that nature. It is a lot more practical than card tricks for them.
  6. Teach them the coin trick that involves dropping the coin "accidentaly", then picking it up and placing it onto the elbow and having it dissapear.

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