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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by goku, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. Hey guys I have a question about smoke and mirrors and if it is somwhere I missed then sorry.

    Are the smoke and mirrors new edition decks limited edition or if I wait a while can I still get them or do you think they will sell out and not come back like the other additions?

    Please help.

    Thanks guys.
  2. Chances are that they will be sold out soon. I checked DnD's site and they only have about 400 decks left. They could be out by the end of the week or earlier.
  3. But will they come back? or are they like the first couple of editions that sold out and didnt come back
  4. I'm thinking these could be the last S&Ms ever. The sound of a 4th edition just doesn't sound right
  5. 400 decks? How many did they print like 1000?

  6. If you were able to produce a deck of cards, and have them sell out within a few days, would you stop producing them?

    Look at it this way;

    Dan and Dave are two seperate people, though within magic are one entity.

    Online Sales, DVDs, Cards etc profits all go to two people rather than the one though they are only really seen as the one.

    Though im sure they make a fair income, I woudl be certain to say they will want/need this to continue at a steady rate.
  7. I have a very small amount of money and I may owe that to someone so I dont know if I will get these. Hopefuly. :(
  8. I will be buying a Brick of Each, will let you know how they go goku, and perhaps maybe even share one or two as you are Irish :).
  9. Say whaaa? (I cant pull that of)
  10. ^ Part Irish/Part Scottish

    And I dont think I know any Irish Magicians? haha. If by the time you can afford them they have sold out, we might be able to work something out mate :).
  11. Nice!! I really want these decks (thinks to himself: oh wait Have to play the haggling game).... I mean I could take them of your hands.

  12. Where do you find the quantity status on their site?
  13. I dont believe it is 'public' but if you were, as an example to want to purchase 1,000 Decks, it may advise you that there were insufficient available, and only '*insert number here*' left.

    It works on several sites.

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