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  1. Hey,

    Was wondering if anyone could tell me where I might buy the gaff card needed for "Kissed" (hershey's chocolate kiss printed on the back of the gaff).

    thanks in advance
  2. you can make one really easy by just printing a picture out of one and than glueing it on
  3. As far as I know, they don't sell them. I just make mine.

    Like mentioned above, I print out the picture of the Hershey Kiss (on a semi-thick glossy paper, so it somewhat resembles a playing card finish) and glue it on the card (note that I use rubber cement, just because it tends to work out better for me--and I just love the stuff).

    Also note that you can use other stuff besides a Hershey Kiss. It's such a simple concept, but it's so strong, and it's adaptable to other things (although you'd have to come up with other patter...no more sealing it with a kiss, heh). Try and come up with some other things to make appear and "pop off" of a card; it's fun and rewarding. :)
  4. Thanks for teaching me that! Now I don't have to go out of my way to purchase that.

  5. http://www.spookclub.com/product_info.php?products_id=1417

    I made mine too, design the picture on your PC/Mac, print it on a piece of paper (draft) just to see if the size is right and remember the orientation of the paper into the printer, tape a blank playing card on top of the card printed before, put the paper into the printer again.
  6. Good thoughts, very cool. Thanks for teaching me that!
  7. Fans: No prob! While I fully endorse purchasing effects, it's nice to be able to replace the included gaffs or other such products without breaking the bank (note that the included gaff is not exactly as described, but it accomplishes the same thing). Also note that I hope you meant that you no longer have to purchase replacement gaffs for the effect (I did try to omit tipping the method as much as possible, ie. the exact nature of the gaff--I just mentioned how to create what's clearly visible from the picture in the ad copy anyway, without going into the mechanics of the gaff). :)
  8. Up her ein Norway there seems to be a very common candy the looks like two large red girl lips (They're meant to be :rolleyes:), so that can easily be interchanged, and it would offer a bigger climax because it is much more recognizable than a Hershey Kiss.

    Just an idea ;)

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    Funny you say that,

    I did the exact same thing before I came here. Only thing, the printer doesnt print white ink, so I'm not satisified with the result. Do you know any way/place to print with white ink?

    Also, does anyone have any past experience ordering from spookclub? are they reliable? any comments would be great

    Thanks for the replies, much appreciated.
  10. That's because usually you're printing on a white surface. Anyway, I'm not sure of any way to print white ink (besides buying a white marker/pen and trying to draw whatever it is you're trying to print). That brings up my next question--what are you trying to print, and what are you trying to print on? If you're printing on white paper, you shouldn't have any problems (and if you're trying to print on a card--well, good luck, because all the white ink in the world won't help ya, heh).
  11. There was a post above mine that said he printed the hershey's kiss chocolate picture on a playing card. On reading it again I realize he might have meant he printed it on a blank card, which kinda defeats the purpose of this question anyways (need a double backer with one side printed, not a blank card).


    Since you're still hangin around, how satisfied are you with your method of printing the hershey's kiss on glossy paper, then gluing it onto a card? Im afraid that in the process of cutting, the end product will result in something that looks "cheap" and homemade. Can you tell the picture is glued on? how much thicker is the glued part of the card? Basically, will the pic look "printed" on the card to specs, or will it look like a picture glued to a card?

    thanks again, apologies for the number of questions/length of post
  12. No need to apologize for asking, heh. I tried printing it directly on a card, and it didn't work out well at all. I tried splitting the card first, seeing if maybe using a thinner piece going through the printer would help, but it didn't. Even the non-white wasn't showing up well, and it would sometimes even smudge off anyway (even after letting it dry for hours). I tried printing on a blank card, just for fun to see if it would help, but it's the finish of the card that prevents it from taking to the card, not the design on it.

    So, I was kind of left to using the paper to card method, and it worked out quite well. You obviously can't let the spectator touch the card or anything (they'll feel that it's glued on), but I've yet to have anyone notice it just by looking. And they've been pretty close to the card without noticing.

    So yeah, I'm quite happy with it. :)

    One thing I'd like to note is that I cut it out with an exacto knife, because it leaves cleaner edges and you can cut more precisely with it. I also rub along the edges to get rid of the sharp edged look. In the end, it looks great! :)
  13. I didn't print it on a Blank card actually... I print it on a blank FACE card... I printed the entire design (bicycle back with a kiss) on the blank face...
    I scanned a bicycle back (like this: http://www.djmcadam.com/images/bicycleback01.jpg) then I take a kiss picture: (http://onekit.enr-corp.com/1002116/Hershey's Kisses Chocolate.jpg) put them together on photoshop, then, printed it in a blank FACE card.

    look a presentation here, and yes... they CAN touch the card (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-6Xsc3ar5E)
  14. I meant they can't with the gaff that I make...of course they can with the real gaff.

    Also, what type of printer do you use that prints so well on Bicycle stock cards? I'm curious, because if the printed back really blends in that well, I may be in the market for a new printer, heh.

    Anyway, just a side note for when someone's practicing, it would probably be a good idea to practice with an indifferent card, so as to not wear out your gaff as quickly. It was really the practicing that wore out my gaff, not the actual performances.
  15. Why would you pay 20 bucks for something that costs less than a dollar and maybe 5 min. to make?
  16. in that case why would you buy anytrick???? just something to think about
  17. Because without the person creating/releasing the effect, you wouldn't know about it in the first place--you're paying them for doing all the work FOR you. If you don't want to buy tricks, put in the effort to come up with your own. You should only be making the gaff if you don't want to re-buy the trick just to get another gaff card.
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    Yeah I don't buy that. First of all is this Bob Borgia the original creator of the effect? Second, I learned the trick from watching Cyril do it. Third, by "ALL the work" you make it sound like there's a LOT that goes into the trick. Sleigh of hand is almost non existent and the crux of the trick is just a gaff card. So no, I don't think it's worth $20.
  19. By "all the work" I mean all of the thought behind the idea for the trick. Go ahead and ask anyone who actually releases effects...ask them if it takes a lot of work to come up with tricks or of it's a breeze. Like I said before, if Borgia (yes, the original creator, if I recall correctly) didn't come up with the effect, you wouldn't even have an effect to steal. A LOT of effects are pretty obvious in their mechanics, but that doesn't mean you have the right to perform them without paying respect to the creator.

    Just out of curiousity, what effects have you come up with? I don't remember seeing any released by you, nor performed. And I'm not talking about variations of effects that are already released--I'm talking original CONCEPTS, not just original handlings of already released effects; the type of stuff you could sell without getting the magic community upset at you (ie. not stepping on anyone's toes). Why do I bring this up? Because if it's so easy to come up with effects, then SURELY you've come up with something yourself--you're not just an idea theif, are you? Feel free to share a video of a completely original effect to end this debate right now. :)

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