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  1. Yes, I used the standard newbie subject coming into a new forum!

    I like a lot of people who have always been in awe of magic card tricks and even learned one when I was a young boy, still can do it today. I just recently decided I was going to give card magic (my favorite) ago.

    My question: What are the best smooth surface cards to use? I have Bicycle Bridge Size for my small hands, and I have been trying to learn the Cardini Change, and even using the bridge size, I am still having problems with the move. Now here is the strange part: I have a novelty deck of "Lav Vegas High-Quality Playing Cards," and I find doing the Cardini is much easier to do. I do believe it's because of the smooth surface; however, I don't like them; they have a picture of Vegas on them and seem to be very confusing to look at when face down so...

    What would be a recommended brand of card that has a smooth surface on them, and is it possible to get them in a bridge size?

    Added photo so everyone had an idea of how cheesy the cards are IMO

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  2. Firstly Welcome to the Forums! If you are into card magic go check this out:

    This saves on having to write out a list of books you will need.

    I usually go and buy a brick of cards every month or so...I would recommend you use Standard Bicycle Playing cards
    .... You'll be going through a lot of decks on your journey. A lot of older books recommend the use of Bridge Size Cards but I
    never found this to be practical. I'll liken it to music , If you are going to use a large electric guitar for a performance , would
    you use a smaller acoustic guitar to practice with? I'll let you decide what works for you. Anyway , I hope I was of some use. And as
    for the Cardini Change just keep working on that muscle memory and you will get it (eventually):)
    A lot of helpful people on this forum. And don't forget to check out the Saturday Night Contest held at 7:30 PM Est for your chance
    to win decks of playing cards.
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  3. Thanks Gabriel appreciate the input =)
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  4. BTW...Royal Road to Card Magic is the book I am reading now. I also have the encyclopedia of card tricks, also Expert Card Technique...but I am starting with Royal =)
  5. So... I recommend using standard cards. You can use them regardless of you hand size (Google Mahadi Gilbert). Sometimes, thing are more difficult with a smaller deck.

    However, if you insist on using smaller cards, get the Bicycle bridge sized decks. That's what I use to teach kids under 10.

    I'd add Scarne on Card tricks to your list. Lots of stuff in there with not a lot of sleight of hand.

    And... welcome to the forums.
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  6. Thank you, RealityOne! I think my set back was due to the fact I have no muscle memory to do certain things, and the more I try and do them, it starts to work. I even figured out how to shuffle standing up this morning; it's all in how you hold the cards, my way too.

    PS this morning I made myself do two full deck rotations of the Cardini, and I am slow but can do it without touching the deck with my right hand (most of the time lol)

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