Holiday Contest WHEEL WHAT U WON?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Furrukh, Dec 5, 2015.

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  1. Doesn't look like it, I didn't
  2. Ok thanks :)
  3. As long as some amount is paid with a currency other than EP's, then you get spins. You can still use some EP's towards your purchase though.
  4. Ah cool, thanks.
  5. Somebody already asked the same thing here on this thread and i think the answer was no
  6. A few spins on the wheel today got me past the 30K lifetime mark. Triple elite status? Please?
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  7. HOW. I'm still getting no rewards.
  8. To clarify, I had spun 17 times and won around 700 EP. That 700 bumped up my total to 30K.
  9. Haha! I read that too. I thought you managed to grip another 10K for yourself! That would have been nuts.

    Still, 30K lifetime points. Nothing to sneeze at
  10. No reward. Great Googly moogly.

    I just want the instant elite, the card collection, or the 1-on-1. Any of those! That's it!

    Too much to ask? Probably.
  11. But everyone wants one of those, And theory 11 can't give 100k of those things away.
  12. I was going to ask for 3 of each, but I figured that'd be a stretch
  13. Even if you get one consider yourself lucky!
  14. Another day ..... another no reward.
  15. This wheel is brutal this year
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  16. 50 Points. That is 25 cents closer to buying something off of the wire. Also, are there any numbers on how much of what is there, I remember someone said they won the GoPro kit and that is still on the wheel
  17. Jioduude on instagram just won gold monarchs, and it looks like someone won free elite membership in the recent winners. Lucky guys
  18. Two Elite Memberships grabbed in the past 24 hours, looks like luck shines on many today. Just not me.
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  19. Finally something to cheer about, 500 points
  20. Got 25 points moment ago. Sunny day! :)
    Now I have 300 points.

    What can I buy from the store for 300 points?
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