Holiday Contest WHEEL WHAT U WON?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Furrukh, Dec 5, 2015.

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  1. You guys probably don't believe me, but I just won the Meet the Magician with Dan!!! Go check the recent winners on the wheel, and you'll see my name, Joe Allen. I'm speechless!!! OH MY GOD!!!
  2. HEY! That's fantastic!! Way to go!
  3. That's awesome! And enjoy!

    Two big prizes gone in one day!
  4. Thanks so much guys! I can't wait!
  5. The 2013 holiday wheel was pretty amazing in terms of payout. Each day was about what I'd win that spin - now I'm really just hoping to skip the "No Reward".
  6. just free
  7. thanks, good luck
  8. Yes a big difference for sure this year. I've had so many No rewards, but I did score a 500 pts this morning.
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  9. Spin again


    100 points

    That'll do, pig. That'll do.
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  10. Those are some pretty big wins!
    I got another 100 today. Finally escaped the 25-50 zone. :D
  11. I'm still getting 25 elite points or no reward everyday.
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  12. How many points have you got so far?
  13. In the holiday contest, like, 225. But I just spun, and got an uncut bee red titanium sheet! Finally!
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  14. Another No Reward...
  15. Heh, every purchase I've made I've had no reward. All my elite points have been from free spins. So thankful for the free spins!
  16. 100 points.

    Better than 25 ;)
  17. No reward...... Wish I could somehow hack this wheel and set up every spin to atleast 250 points. The rate at which we here are getting no reward or 50 points im sure 250 points would be a blessing for all. Hope the SNC tonight is an easy one.The one where guessing a card or cards are done. That cud provide with six more spins
  18. You better watch out, don't say things like that! They may start monitoring you... :D
  19. Do you get a purchased spin if you buy something with EP's? Thanks.
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