Holiday Contest WHEEL WHAT U WON?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Furrukh, Dec 5, 2015.

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  1. +25 elite points to break my losing streak. Good enough!
  2. Try it now! If I won something, everyone's winning something right now.
  3. Wish this mom luck at the wheel Christmas shopping for my son at theory 11!
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  4. Good luck! What are you shootin' for?
  5. I got 50 elite points today. So far 50 points is the best I've done. Slowly but surely it's adding up.
  6. 25 Elite Points today. :) Sunny day! :)
  7. Free entry 100 points
    The wheel is not generous to me this year last year won 500 points twice and a couple of 250s too
  8. Still got nothing really. lol

    But all we need is a lil patience :D
  9. Spin again! Oh dear. Up to this point, I think I have made 550 in elite points. A 500, a 25, and a 25.

    And a whole lot of missin'.

    REALLY shooting for Gold Monarchs or the Card Collection.

    I'm afraid to buy things strictly for wheel spins. I could spin 20 times in a row and get 19 misses and 25 elite points. I'm like a lucky rabbits foot for everyone else.

    And more than likely, I'll acquire a bunch of tutorials I can't use--I pretty much have every one-handed paid cardistry tutorial on the Wire. I need to look into magic tutorials. More expensive, but I'll probably use them more.

    We will see on the 16th.
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  10. My third free spin got me the Mahongany spade ornament
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  11. 25 points.... Btw in the recent winners list has anyone playing with their free spins seen their name there?
  12. I have when I got 25 points
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  13. i am getting a lot of wire products for free i think this is it for me :D
  14. I have a love/hate relationship with this wheel. I love that T11 gives us a free entry everyday. A certain other site requires you to spend a $25 minimum in order to enter, which is wack.

    Problem with this wheel, though, is that it's boring as hell. And I'm pretty convinced that it won't land on anything other than one specific tile haha. Literally every spin I've had has landed on the exact same elite points tile next to the 'Meet the Magician' tile. Meh, ya win some, ya lose some.

    And, of course I know it isn't rigged - but it sure feels that way. With the other sites holiday contest and game, at least I feel like I can do better/rank better/win more. But ahh well, it's fun anyways! Tis the season and good luck to all! :D
  15. I do wish I knew the actual numbers so I knew what my chances of winning (or losing as the case usually is) are.
  16. For now, i have won only Elite Points and a lot of No Rewards:oops:
  17. Hi Mark :)
    How much prizes are available? For example, how much Wire Productions Kit? How much Monarch Spade Wall art? :)
    Thanks :)
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  18. Whenever I get the 25-50 points spot, I always get 25 points.
  19. woohoo! 25 pts! Honestly, I feed lucky, I got only 2 No rewards, even though I make purchases.
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