Holiday Contest WHEEL WHAT U WON?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Furrukh, Dec 5, 2015.

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  1. 25 elite points
  2. I don't see any recent winner
  3. Sorry, to clarify, only on DESKTOP version of the site right now, but will be on mobile soon too.
  4. That makes it interesting to see who has won recently!
    Right now the list isn't loading for me, all I see are words 'Recent Winners' but nothing else.
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  5. me too!!

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  7. I won another 25 elite points today. Slowly but surely its adding up!
    I also like the idea of the Recent Winners board but I also don't see any names appearing.
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  8. First spin (free): 50 points
    Next two free: No reward
    3 spins (not free): 250 points each (Which felt pretty weird, getting the exact same prize 3 times in a row)
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  9. Great idea!
  10. Day 1; 50 elite points. Day 2: Nothing. Day 3: 50 elite points. Day 4: Nothing........I'm sensing a pattern
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  11. Got nothing today.

    All I want is AT LEAST instant Elite. That's the only way I'm going to get 6K.

    Other than making a bunch of flourishes.
  12. Now thats a nice idea to post the names, but still dont see any names displayed on the desktop version.plz chk..... And since you brought the leaderboard thing, just wanted to add that this contest wheel is that what makes t11 standout from the rest. In my opinion the leaderboard thing adapted by others is just a marketing thing and dont think anyone would be able to win their top prize in many years to come cuz first you must spend hundreds of $ to get a chance to be get able to enter into the leaderboard and if by chance you do get to the top that dont even guarantees u any top prize then again you will only have a chance with the odds of 1/52. Its just stupid. Here on t11 the prizes are all realistic and even you dont win a deck im sure one could get enough elite points to buy an effect or a deck.i just wish the prize of decks in the archive be decreased to 2500 or 3000 the way they were last year
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  13. Free spin
    100 elite points
  14. 25-50 elite point?? what does this suppose to mean? 50 OR 25, or 25 to 50 so you can win 30 for example ... and I was upset because I only get 50 every day now that is gone too. :(
    But you know at least 25 is better than nothing, right?
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  15. Day 1: no reward
    Day 2: 100 elite points
    Day 3: spade ornament
    Day 4: 100 elite points
    It's going good :)
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  16. 500 Elite Points awwww yeah, now I am trying to figure out if I should save up my points, or use them because I am not going to be one to rack up massive amounts of points because I don't but much here...
  17. Free spin : 25
    Why ???? I mean it's like nothing ( 12.5 cent )
  18. Do you know what they call someone with enough pennies? A millionaire.
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  19. no reward 4 days in a row now :(
  20. Thats tough luck man, were these spins used on about at the same time everyday? If yes what was that time, so that i can avoid using my spin at that time :D
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