Holiday Contest WHEEL WHAT U WON?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Furrukh, Dec 5, 2015.

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  1. I was shooting for the Instant Card Collection; got 25 points instead.

    Ah well, I'll take it
  2. I am shooting for that one every time. I will really hate myself if I get the Meet The Magician thing, because I doubt I'll be able to actually use it.
  3. Another 25 elite points today. I'm just happy that I've only gotten one no reward :)
  4. I've spun 6 times, and the only prize I got was 50 elite points.
  5. Purchased spin: 25 points -__________-
  6. 3 Free spins on 3 different days

    50 points
    100 points
    100 points
  7. This is an interesting topic. I'll start a new thread for it.
  8. Day 5
    No reward :(
    I guess im gonna change my time of spinning in the next spin
  9. 100 points! I was also aiming for the instant card collection. But I'll still take it!
  10. I've a running total of 150 points so far. Seems like everyone is gunning for the instant card collection!
  11. 50 EP's thus far, my next spin is in roughly 14 hours.

    The Instant Card Collection would be nice, however, I've got my eyes on the 1-on-1 Private Session. Everything else on the list is great, yet, for the most part, money can buy it if you've got enough of it.

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    Fixed! Sorry about that. Recent winners list should be up on mobile site too!
  13. Second day in a row of empty handed-ness
  14. Got my 2nd no reward today. Looking forward to tomorrow's spin. :D
  15. After 6 days I have accumulated a total of around 275 EP's and only 1 no reward which is nice :) my next spin is in 30 mins so I am hoping for something fantastic. :)
  16. Another 50 points free spin
  17. Day 1: 50 points :)
    Day 2: No reward :eek:
    Day 3: 100 points :):)
    Day 4 (today): No reward :eek:

    Thanks for the fun :):):):)
  18. Another day, another no reward. Three days in a row. Hoping for something good from out of the blue tomorrow
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  19. Another no reward
  20. RECENT WINNERS Examples:
    100 elite points
    Free deck
    100 elite points
    100 elite points
    Free deck
    Spade Holiday Ornaments

    Spade Holiday Ornaments

    Seriously ?? so why I'm stuck with no reward????

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