Holiday Contest WHEEL WHAT U WON?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Furrukh, Dec 5, 2015.

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  1. One of the very things I would have actually hung on my wall.
  2. 1. 50 points
    2. 50 points
    3. Your next free spin will become available in 1.8 hours. :p
  3. Free spin - No Reward. Does on acquire a free spin each day or was it a one time thing?
  4. Free spin every 24 hours
  5. Free Spin: Won an extra free spin. After wining the free spin got 50 elite points
  6. Edit

    3. no reward :(
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  7. How do I use it?
  8. Free spin 50 pts(day 6 and 7)
  9. Visit this link:

    Click on the button "Get My Free Spin", and you should be good to go! Make sure to visit this page 24 hours exactly or longer after spinning the first time to ensure you get to spin the wheel without any issues. :)
  10. had at least 13 spins... got 100 poimts once,6 50 points and and the rest is no reward:(:mad::(:mad:
  11. Btw before putting the wheel live you guys must have decided that " we're going to give away this much of Elite points and this many free decks" any hints as to what were these numbers? :p
  12. Nice job! That's one prize I am really hoping to win. Can any T11 guys say how many of these are being given away and will they be available for purchase in the future?
  13. 4th spin and I got 50 elite points again. That's three times in a row!
  14. 50 elite points
  15. Day 3: No Reward
  16. Day 4: 100 Elite Points
  17. Day 4: free spin
    50 points
  18. free spin
    50 points
  19. 4. no reward again..
  20. Since you guys were curious, we just added a list of recent winners to the Holiday Contest page at

    The prizes are REAL - not just a chance to win if you make a leaderboard. These last couple days we've already given out over 600,000 elite points, and nearly 100 free products shipped on the house! Keep those spins coming, and good luck!
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