Holiday Contest Wheel

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Furrukh, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. 50 points for my first spin!
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  2. Good luck, everyone!
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  3. Ha! I beat the odds and got a nothing today!
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  4. I got nothing as well!! There is always tomorrow.:)
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  5. Got 50 points today. :)
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  6. no reward on second day
  7. No reward, no reward, spin again and... no reward! ;)
  8. Yeah, I'm 1 for 9 currently.
  9. day 4: 25 points for griffindor
  10. Well, it's day 4 or maybe it's 5 I lost count because all I got is No reward :(
    man, I hate 2018 so much.
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  11. Me also... no reward everytime...
    Perhaps @Khaleel Olaiky its a sign of bigger things to come for us? lol
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  12. LOL just noticed on the Holiday Contest Page:

    Our prizes this year are INSANE. Once
    they're gone, they're gone. From Elite
    Membership to free playing cards
    to Elite Points — the stakes
    are high, and the prizes
    are unparalleled!​

    Too lazy to update last years' texts? :p There's no "Elite Membership" prize on the wheel this year... ;)

    You're welcome, I'll gladly take those points for pointing that out, thank you! :D
  13. Oh, by the way - combo breaker! Spin again and... 25 points here today! :)
  14. Russia Meddling
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  15. :D Got 0 points for my spin again
  16. Today I won 50 points!!
  17. 100 points today
  18. I got 100 points today too! Yay!
  19. No reward for 5 days straight and now I got a Rarebit gold .
    Does anybody know how it works? Can I get a confirmation that I won somehow? I didn't get a print screen ‍*facepalm*
  20. You will get an email to claim your prize soon! Congrats!

    // L
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