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  1. Our prize claim emails are being a bit squirrelly right now, but we are working on this today. If you won a Holiday Contest prize this year (excluding Elite Points) and have not already filled out the prize claim form, keep your eyes open for an email from us late tonight after we get this all sorted out.

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  2. Does getting a spin from buying something increase your chances of winning big, or does it have the same value as a free spin? If so, does the amount of dollars spent also have an effect?
  3. Free Spins and Spins from purchases have IDENTICAL odds for winning prizes. There is zero difference other than how you earn them.

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  4. Just won a deck of Gold Monarchs!! Woot! Good way to end my semester!
  5. Haha lucky! :)
  6. Sometimes, like tonight, I find that the spin itself is it's own reward.

    Or at least, that's the zen nonsense I'm telling myself to make me feel better about it!
  7. 100 points.... this year seeing the toughness the wheel is showing I guess getting 250pts wud be an achievement
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  8. Just bought a wristband with the points I earned. Eh, at least it's something. I've just been getting points and the well-sought-after "No rewards".
  9. There has been some confusion about the wheel, I thought I would jump in there and clear things up. Some people have said that they felt the wheel was rigged. This usually happens after someone is unlucky and spins "No Reward" several times in a row, but the info here will help you all to understand The Wheel a bit better.


    No. Not in any way, shape, or form.

    Rigging this wheel would imply that we were somehow unfair in the distribution of prizes (ie only people we want to win actually win, or that the prizes are not actually available though advertised, or that the odds for certain people were better than the odds for someone else). This is not the case.

    What is causing people to think that things are unfair is the actual mechanic that causes things to be fair in the first place - Random Chance and a set of Odds.

    When you click on the "Spin" button, your prize is determined instantly. A random number generator picks a number for you, and that number is compared to our pre-determined set of odds. This determines your prize (before the wheel spins!) The wheel then spins until it lands on your prize.

    Does the wheel land more often on "No Reward" and "25 Elite Points" more often than the Grand Prizes? Yes! It is supposed to. We have had well over 50,000 spins on the wheel this year so far. What if the odds for all prizes were equal? We would be giving away more than 3000 of each Grand Prize! While we would LOVE to do this, it is not reasonable. Sorry!

    Each Grand Prize is limited to one or two wins, and if there weren't odds set here those would all be gone in the first 10 minutes of spinning. The odds keep a limited number of big prizes on the table for you so you all can have a shot to get them. Yes, you will get the super common "25 Elite Points" or "No Reward" spins along the way. You may, by the odds of probability, end up with 10 "No Reward" spins in a row. That simply means that random chance is doing what random chance does best.

    The wheel is the decoration for what we hope is a fun contest that we have done for several years now. It takes the results of a random number generator (which would be something like "2441548795432346", not very exciting) and turns them into a fun animation ("close... Close... CLOSE!!!! Drat, almost had it!", or "It is going to be a No Reward agai.... HOLY SMOKES I WON A GOLD MONARCH!"). We hope you all find it fun, no matter the results. Just know that we do all we can to ensure that this is 100% fair in every way possible.

    Now, back to your regularly scheduled spinning.

    // L
  10. I can attest to the Wheel not being rigged. I am a real person not getting paid to say any of this. I am a regular on the forums, get along with most members... Trust me when I say that I go against the rules to the letter(living on the edge). I have been warned about my behavior on the forums in the past a few times. However, some how I managed to win not only a Saturday Night Contest some months ago, I also won a deck of Mail Chimp Summer Editions on one of my spins(Just waiting for the confirmation email). Anybody else who wants to step forward into the light and speak there piece is welcome to do so. If that's not proof I don't know what is. Wheel is NOT rigged . Just saying.
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  11. Typical:
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  12. I don't get how winning points is a bad thing? It's free points. You then get to use those points on purchases.
    Also, regarding it being rigged, I've won decks before in the past and I'm nowhere near a "favourite". Certainly not rigged in any shape or form! That's like saying the lottery is rigged because you played but you didn't win :/
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  13. There are sound effects with each landing on the spin?
    I remember reading that somewhere before too!
    Why don't I hear anything??
    I can hear all Facebook Notifications, YouTube and whatnot.
    Any idea what's up, guys?
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  14. That...was just a video. No, there are no sound effects like that playing Darth Vader yelling. That would be cool, though.
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  15. Haha, no. I just added in the sound effect. Brett also joked a while back about there being sound effects this year so that's probably what you're thinking of.
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  16. Theory 11 actually regularly provides sound effects for the Holiday Wheel at the following Internet website:

    Visit after every "No Reward" and instantly feel better!
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  17. I actually still haven't received my prize claim email :(

    Should I wait more?

  18. Just for those who think the wheel or the SNCs are rigged. I live all across in Pakistan, I once used to think that these thinks are Fake or rigged until I won a SNC many years ago and got the Package safe and sound, plus although I have'nt won anything big on wheel yet but still I managed to get a black JAQK deck with the e points all won from free spins

    so if are new here I'm sure you too would be thinking abt it been rigged and all but let me assure you its not rigged
  19. I still think the wheel is rigged.

    Rigged for FUN, that is! :D
  20. I don't believe the wheel is rigged. They would lose a lot of credibility if it was. I am confident the odds have changed over the years though.

    I'd get rid of the no reward and change it to 5 points as I think psychologically people think it's rigged because they got zip, zero, nada, zilch....etc. I've never won a single prize on here ever since they've first introduced/started the wheel (3 years ago?). I know this year when the spinner slows down and gets close to the iPad I know 99.9% I am getting no reward. I'm just unlucky I guess.

    I also get the theory of purchasing equals better odds as everytime I've bought an item on here I've gotten a better spin (50 or 100 points) versus the free spins (no reward). But that's just confirmation bias.

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