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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by frozono9, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. Nope, still haven't gotten mine. Anyone else?
  2. Don't worry folks! The wheel is not rigged. My buddy who I introduced to theory11 spun for the first time this year. Got an instant Elite membership on the third try. NOT rigged
  3. YEAH! :D I actually won a 5th & Laurel playing cards deck!
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  4. And again "no reward". The losing streak continues. I'm the Cleveland Browns of the Holiday Wheel.
  5. I just bought an item on the marketplace, but I can't find the button that allows me to spin the wheel with a token. The 'free spin button' says I have 10 hours until my next spin.

    Does anyone know why?
  6. You should get an email
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  7. Thanks.
  8. +50 Elite Points! OH YEAH! :D
  9. After two "spin agains," 25 points today! ☺
  10. Charity Water! My first non-elite points spin and win :D
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  11. 100 points! The "no reward" streak is over!
  12. if you are getting annoyed by "no rewards" try getting a "spin again" and then to a "no reward", thats more annoying :p
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  13. No. I got 5 spin again's in a row. Then got a no reward. I started raging...
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  14. That's cruel.
  15. I got a very merry no reward for my Christmas spin. :D
  16. Merry Christmas everyone!
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  17. Since it's started..I've gotten 'no reward' twice...every other time points..25 - 100...
  18. 4th consecutive no reward..... hope I win the SNC somehow
  19. Yesterday, on Christmas, when is my birthday too (yeah, 24 of December is my birthday) I won a deck of Brown Wynn. I'm happy and shocked in one time. Thank you, Theory11, for this awesome present for my birthday and Christmas!
  20. i just got 5th and laurel from the ultra rare deck
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