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  1. Feel I really lost my wheel mojo this year - missed loads of spin opportunities.
  2. Me to!!! At first I thought I wouldn't win anything from the prize wheel, thought it was rigged. But somehow I won it!!! Yay!!!
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  3. another 25, taking my grand total for this year to 475...... not any close to my previous years
  4. I think this time is the last year for the wheel, I don't feel like anybody is excited as last year :( for me a got only a few points like most of the people here which are nice by the way I can't ignore that free points are great, but what I'm saying is the hype for the wheel is gone.
  5. It's my first year being around for the wheel and truly... not that exited if it comes next year, not that heartbroken if it doesn't. 475 points and nothing tangible. The prizes on offer were nice but it'd be nice to have won at least one lousy pack of bee-backed cheapies. Instead I got one free spin which resulted in no reward, a bunch more "no reward", and points which I don't really have enough of to hold any value. Great things on the pile, but odds set so far out of proportion that it's a guaranteed no-go for anybody to possibly win any of them. If it takes 20,000,000 spins per person to have a shot at one of the bigger prizes and no more than 10,000,000 spins are actually taken in the whole contest total, you don't have to have a math doctorate from MIT to figure out that the big prizes were 100% safe.

    I was excited when it started but having seen how it shook out...whether it happens next year or not isn't a big concern: I can bounce off the walls all year waiting for it and next year all I'd get is a few points and a bunch of "wait, wait, maybe, wait, watch the spin, Maybe!!!... No Reward." I'd hoped it would be different than all the other "You can WIN" things online and I wasn't wrong in thinking it was just a ploy to make suckers part with their money. In that, I'm glad I only put $5 into it just for a spin. I'd have been pretty angry to have put $200-$500 in it for nothing.
  6. Maybe it's because I'm new or easily entertained lol but I love this concept. I agree it would be nice to win a big prize, but with the points I've won so far I was able to purchase 'Slicer' for nothing. Which I might add is a great trick and thank you to those that recommended it.
    Once again good luck to everyone I hope the wheel spins in your favor! Cheers!!
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  7. This year I got 675 points from my free spins. That's pretty great. I'm not a fan of the purchasing tiers because they are unaccessible often, and with large draw, only a handful of thousands win. This way we all get a little something. I love it!
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  8. Closing the year with another stellar No Reward!

    So it goes.

    Happiest of New Years to all the spinners & winners out there! :D
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  9. There is still one more spin to come but I thought I would tally up my wins for this year (and my first year).
    Through spins alone, I accumulated 1025 Elite points. Not too shabby! I saved up enough to buy the Split Spade pin from the elite section and it looks amazing!

    I used this opportunity to buy some products that I have been waiting for all year long. The contest presented a great opportunity to shoot for some of the amazing prizes, and though I did not get what I was shooting for, I was lucky enough to win a deck of Gold Monarchs. The products I did buy though are worth their weight in gold and are prizes in their own right.
    They are:
    -Double Cross - Mark Southworth
    -The Code - Andy Nyman
    -Insane - Andy Nyman
    -Transcript - Spidey
    -Alternate Universe - Rick Lax
    -Slicer - Tom Farrell
    -and a week before (yeah I should have waited but couldn't lol) Boxed Reset - Michael O'Brien

    The contest was amazing and I loved looking forward to the end of the day, usually after my shift at work, to spin the wheel. Thank you Theory 11 for a great contest and I'm looking forward to it again next year!

    And no, I did not feel that I was "suckered" into spending money to get additional spins. It was my plan all along! xD

    What did you guys/gals buy? And what do you recommend?
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  10. Every year the prizes are won, they dont make them 100% safe, if the prizes are not won they will extend the dates for the wheel until all big prizes are won
  11. Since it's gonna be the last day for spins...are all the big prizes now gone @LyleBorders?
  12. I personally enjoy the wheel for what it is. I don't go in expecting my spins to land on anything other than no reward or a few elite points. With that said, I was surprised when I won a pack of gold monarchs a couple weeks ago. Still waiting on the email for it though.
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  13. My last spin was 25 points...
    Pretty cool idea.

    Happy New Year everyone! Cheers!
  14. I feel like spinning the London Eye Wheel behind you, that's in your pic :D
  15. Actually, is that the London Eye? lol I think I may be wrong
  16. Has anyone else still not received their claim email?
  17. Message us at if you haven't seen an email yet. A couple of the prizes are being really stubborn and the emails for them haven't gone out yet. We are working on that ASAP this week now that the contest is over. In some cases we can simply send you your prize claim link even if you didn't get the email.

    // L
  18. Lyle, I've been waiting on a prize email as well, and I've sent 2 or 3 support tickets so far, including one a couple of days ago. Do you know what might be up?
  19. PMing you now. Yours is a special case.

    // L
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