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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by frozono9, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. Got 'no reward' but it's all good. Free spin everyday. Just thankful to have a chance!
  2. +25 Elite Points! Which is like +50 Regular Points. Or like +100 Mundane Points!

    GO ME! :D
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  3. any update on as to what big prizes still up for grabs
  4. Any update on the prize claim emails either? I still haven't received mine, but maybe others have.
  5. Spinning the wheel... I got no reward, no reward and... wait for it... no reward! Yay (not)!
  6. No Reward.

    But a good spin! Got good torque, really put my weight into it. Strong follow-through. Really getting better at it!

    I just composed a celebratory haiku to commemorate this spin, too:

    Your prize wheel yields no reward
    Ploy so I buy more?
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  7. I think all my reading about mentalism is paying off. I've been able to accurately predict that my last 3 spins would be no reward. :D
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  8. I got 'No Reward' three times in a row, but today the wheel landed on 'Ultra-Rare Deck'. I got the "5th & Laurel" playing cards :)

    Thank you Theory11!
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  9. No reward three days in a row. Still not bad considering the 500 odd points I've won thus far.
    Still a lot of fun.

  10. Same here
  11. I just won 100 points! Only a few spins left :D
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  12. 7th consecutive no reward.... bringing my net total for this year to an astounding 400 points :p
  13. Bought a few decks so I could spin more :). Sadly, haven't got my spins yet.
  14. 50 points today...
    Few more days...
    Good luck everyone.
  15. No Reward!

    (Which I have just now decided will be the name of my new punk band).
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  16. 100 points today. I've actually done quite well with those :p I was able to buy the split spade pin from the elite section.
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  17. after 7 consecutive "no rewards" got a 50, and the feeling was as if I won a rare deck
  18. Had three spins today (Free spin and bought two things on the marketplace). Won 50 points and got a "no reward".

    Here's to the possibility of winning something next spin in 18 hours!

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