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  1. My two older brothers and I have played consistently this year and last year and I am the only one who has every won anything. I won a deck of Brown Wynns also a day or two before you Jason but I still have not received my claim email or even the personalized email that you have received. I hope the system gets fixed soon.
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  2. Same here. We just need to be patient
  3. I have written an email according to the problem, because I'm waiting since friday, thats why I got this message.
  4. I also sent in an email about a prize, and I have to assume that the team is nowhere near the point of successfully working out the prize claim emails. They just told me they're still working on them. I've also been waiting for a while. Thinking about how complex the coding/software issues may be, I wouldn't expect the prize claim emails to be sent out for another week at the earliest.
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  5. is there an issue with the wheel? It keeps coming up as an unknown error when I claim my free spin
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  6. It appears to be not working. Try again in a bit and it will probably be functional again.
  7. Many people have already received their prize claim emails, and most are working as expected. There are still a few hiccups that we are working on now. Don't worry, we are on it and they will get fixed.

    // L
  8. The wheel is killing the this year.

    We're how many days into it and I've acquired 350 elite points at this point.

    This is destroying my average from the last 2 years. Oi vey!
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  9. There seems to be something wrong, I just tried to spin the wheel, but kept getting errors all the time. Now it says I can't spin for the next 23.9 hours... :/

    What happened to my spin? Got no email either... :(
  10. Contact us at and we can check into this for you! Looks like you claimed your free spin, and then immediately tried to claim another spin. We can help with that.

    // L
  11. 350? Consider yourself lucky! Just 150 over here...and now elite points seem to be worth less! But still...very thankful T11!
  12. +25 Elite Points!

    The Tortoise > The Hare

    Something else that might be worth keeping in mind:

    Yes, the wheel does seem tougher this year. But let's remember that T11 has no doubt grown significantly over the past year, just as it no doubt did the year before that.

    More spinners = fewer winners.

    But that ALSO means that T11 is getting bigger + better! Which in the end, makes us all the REAL winners. Right? :D
  13. yup would agree, I have not reached 300 even, my average used to be somewhere bw 1500 and 2000, may be one reason is that this year we dont have 500 point option too like previous years
  14. How about be grateful? Or is everyone to individualistic for that? I hate it when people complain about the wheel. They don't need to give us anything you know.
  15. There is a difference between being ungrateful and being surprised in what you received.

    Much like getting a big, wrapped up garment box for Christmas, only to find that inside it was a bunch of styrofoam peanuts & an IPod Shuffle. Just ask my wife how surprised she was.

    I'm surprised at what I got. Furrukh is surprised.

    We are good here
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  16. 50 points for the 3rd time!
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  17. 525 points this year :) Not bad, very grateful but still no physical prize :( But we still have around 10 free spins left! Time to really focus!
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  18. dont remember what day it is but for today "spin again" then 25 points
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  19. Unlike the no reward yesterday, 100 points today!
  20. I still got no email to claim my prize. Someone who already got it right now?

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