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  1. I've only had that problem once or twice. It's all about audience management.

    And I'm not even bothering releasing this because of the hate. I'll post my change in a couple weeks - people WILL like that.
  2. I love how in this new generation, any form of critique is disproval is automatically considered hate. If I don't think the person has potential, I won't even give them the light of day when it comes to opinion.
  3. It got rejected didn't it? I'd be willing to bet on the same grounds Asher was trying to warn you about. At no point did I think Asher was out of line when trying to help you with your effect. He gave his honest opinion and said what most people were going to say about the effect, but Asher beat us to the punch.

    Enigma, you need to be willing to take criticism. You won't go anywhere in entertainment if you don't. Detach from your effects that you release and realize that people may attack the effect but that doesn't mean they're attacking you as a person.
  4. Look, I apologize if I came off as hurtful, I try not to displease anyone. It's my goal to help whoever I can whenever I can. Sometimes I get so passionate about the subject that I do whatever it takes to get them there... This comes from my experience as a teacher as well as what the Army is teaching me everyday. Hate is the last thing I want to put on someone. But if I see you taking a path towards failure, I'm going to jump in after you and help pull you out and point you towards the path with a better chance of success. I myself have failed in this department time and time again. And I will continue to fail. I don't pride myself on being a creator... I know I have "independently discovered" some beautiful things. Things I have only shown a select few people. But I can't say I've got an effect for every day of the week, because it just doesn't happen like that for me. We have to realize what our strengths are, but more importantly, our weaknesses. I understand where you come from when you say you don't want to put your best stuff forward first because you want to build up, but that doesn't mean you should put your worst stuff out either. Challenge yourself. You are your own biggest threat in this industry. 9.9/10 you will defeat yourself before another person will. Let's see what you're actually made of. I'll tell you from a customer's point of view, I am more likely to buy your second product with less thought if your first product impressed me. But if I wasn't impressed with your first product... It will take a bit more out of me to buy your next product...I even pass on the Free stuff!
  5. The reason I'm not submitting it is because of the criticism. It never got rejected because I never submitted it in the first place. I am simply releasing other things due to their value as opposed to this particular trick. The change is certifiably original, and there's really nothing else like it, so I'm interested to hear people's thoughts. And the only reason I dubbed it "hate" was due to its negative overtones, helpful as it may have been.
  6. I submitted 4 or 5 effects to the Wire before Theory11 deemed one original enough. These are effects that I use daily and they are not in print anywhere. For instance I have an effect that prints something on an envelope in a spectators hand. It was rejected because I use the top change to do it. The effect was totally original but the method lended nothing new.

    On the other hand I have had an effect accepted. It was just a color changing button. Not my strongest effect but one that was original in plot and method. Theory 11 worked with me in order to make sure that the video quality, and the quality of the effect was up to par.

    Theory11 is very involved in the submission process. Your effect is great. It is really strong but Theory11 is looking for really original material. The only way I could see this appearing on the Wire is if you created a new control and way to load the sandwich. Otherwise I can almost guarantee that they will not think it is original enough.

    Try submitting and see what happens
  7. I was tampering with a sandwich load, but never got too in-depth into it. It seemed the best kind was the most straightforward, which is the one in the demo. Thanks for the support! Out of curiosity, what exactly does T11 do on their end of the process?
  8. They give very minimal feedback and only when it is necessary. Things pertaining to originality, teaching quality on the tutorial or clarity in the performance. They will choose if your effect is good enough to be placed on the facebook page, or on the "featured" section of the wire. They asked me to reshoot my ad with a better camera and to change some of the effects. Also if you ever need to change the price of your trick you have to contact them. Is that what you're looking for?
  9. Yeah, it is! Thanks man :)
  10. sorry to say that the switch is not so good......
  11. If you'd read the thread, you'd have seen that I addressed the entire issue.

  12. Hey I've been playing arround with the effect and I have done it exactly as you show 10 or 15 times. It has really worked out well. I haven't have any problems with the switch or the spectator turning the card over before I'm ready. The trick here is to put the card aside and not to hand it to them until they know what to do with it. I really think it has potential.

    ps. I thought of a unique way to load a sandwich as well trying to keep the simplicity that you have in this effect. Pm me if you'd like to see what I have wZEnigma
  13. It's strange to see positivity this late in the thread, haha. Go ahead and shoot me a PM with your variation, I'm glad to any sort of criticism, haha. I'm glad it's worked well for you.

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