How is this done

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  1. Here is richard turner performing this

    It starts at 2:05

    He clearly crimps the queen does nothing fishy and it changes

    Pardon me if its simple but thats just amazing

    Thank you
  2. This is a rather "old" bit of business. Do some research on the routine and you'll find it.
  3. I can't get enough of Richard Turner, the man is simply amazing and that's an understatement. Very excited about the documentary coming out about his life (DEALT) that to my understanding is suppose to be released this year.

    He is going to be performing at the Magic Castle Feb 16-22.

  4. As Craig said - this is old school. It's in a book that is recommended by almost everyone to almost everyone who studies card magic.
  5. Smoooooooooooooooth!!! Magic Castle is in for a wonderful treat!
  6. Sorry for responding late

    But could you say which book Too please I am really curios it look like a move with many uses Thank You!

    Thank you

    And yes Richard turner is amazing huge a fan and He’s BLIND it is unbeleivable
  7. Is the book Expert at the card table?

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