How many decks do you have ... ?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Slicke, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. It seems that most cardicians, including me, are crazy about cards. We buy every type of cards we see. So I'm just curious, how many decks do you have at this very moment , whether you use it or not .... ?
  2. about 6... how many do you have Slicke?
  3. 6 ?!!

    K i have 40 .... :O
  4. About 200 or so.
    Think it's nice to have many, doesn't scare me to rip cards or give away decks or such.
  5. Over 200 unopened.. about 50 opened
  6. Like 10 opened and 50 unopened :)
  7. I can get a better count at home, but somewhere around 60 total.

    About 10 of those are in my circle of 'use' right now. (a few practice decks that are almost spare cards, a few performance ready, and some I recently opened to break in and use.)

    I also have a few boxes of just extra cards, probably 5 decks worth of cards that I can't bring myself to throw away.
  8. i think i've got 4 unopened decks left. I need to take a trip to cost-co. I'm not really "crazy about cards" though. Just card magic.
  9. thats the right kind of crazy
  10. Mr. Ection, damn right! cost-co has the best prices, ever. It's $12 per brick of Bikes. That's a dollar a deck. Bikes are awesome cards. Sure they're not those Tally-Ho decks that all the "cool" people use :D but they're great.

    At the price of $1 a deck, I usually just leave my deck with my audience after a show, if I'm doing a show. If it's just walkaround, I keep the deck. But if it's something special like a party, I give it to them.
  11. All my decks apart from 3 are tally hos, bought 2 bricks of tally hos after I got my money from my first gig, about 30 decks, 15 unopened, I have 2 decks that I take cards out of and put it in my performence deck for angle zero or some kind of torn and restored
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    I have about 50-60, More than half unopened. I also don't see points in having hundreds of cards. I only have this many because I have no magic access (aside from expensive internet shipping) around me in the least. So when I visit the states I stock up then

    Edit:Actually just checked today, I have 56 unopened decks and about 30 opened
  13. I only have 1

    And its HUGE.

  14. as of right now, i have 20 decks, 12 of which are open. some of the closed ones i will never open. (brown wynns, 1st edition black ghosts) but most of the open ones i use fairly regularly.
  15. I use a very old deck for angle zero is the only thing i can do with does cards and i dont need to rip my good decks i like to keep them with all the cards, i have another one only to make guimicks and other two that are istill complete and in one piece, plus a guardians i will never rip that one to make guimicks because here in brasil is hard to find them

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