How to support marketplace creators when you have no $$$


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Nov 4, 2014
Orange County, Ca
Just wanted to remind you guys that the Theory 11 Marketplace has TONS of free videos available for learning new magic and cardistry material. One way to support your fellow creators without spending money is to download their trick, watch the video and leave an honest review. It will help bump their content onto the top 10 page and get them discovered by more followers! Of course it is to say, if you want to buy their other stuff, it is also nice to support them financially as well.

Times are tough and we understand that sometimes people do not have money to spend on our latest trick! For many of us, this is our livelihood and it is rough these days. But at the same time, we get it. You should be paying rent and making sure your fridge is stocked before spending money learning magic.

Hope this helps everyone out! Gives people looking to learn magic a way to do so for very little or even no $ and also helps those creators here in the marketplace.

Access the T11 Marketplace HERE and use the filters to search for the exact content you are interested in!
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