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  1. hi everyone im a bit new to these fourms so please dont judge XD anyways i have been doing the hummer card aka ufo card trick and was woundering if anyone has any tips n tricks that i should know because im not to good at it thank you :)
  2. Welcome to the forums!

    I remember I got this when I was quite young. I put it away for a few years, and pulled it out again and was able to figure it out. IT's a tad knacky, but nothing you won't pick up quickly. I would recommend that when you're learning and practicing, that you use a stronger gimmick - either look around your house for something stronger or triple/quadruple the gimmick. That way if you mess up, you don't have to reset. Do this just while you get the basic mechanics.

    As far as the mechanics, it needs to be as steady as possible. Imagine the center of the card must remain in the same spot as much as possible. Then you pull your hand back (causing the card to spin), and make sure to NOT throw it. The motion eventually needs to be quick to make it spin lots, but when practicing it can be slower. There is a bit of a wrist flick (as if throwing a Frisbee that has to remain in the same spot) but it's more about pulling your hand back to counter the forward momentum of the wrist flick.

    Imagine the card cannot leave it's location. So do not throw it like you were Ricky Jay.

    It takes so much practice, but is super fun once it's achieved.
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  3. Ok one more question i live in san diego and its super hot here so the wax i use doesnt really hold the string it just slips through any tips or recommended wax/thread and what is this polymer putty i hear of
  4. Sum,

    Try wrapping the thread and kneading it through the wax like dough. That should assure a good connection.

    I would also recommend shying away from the traditional, "make it spin and fly around my body" presentation I too often see. Instead try placing it in a spectators hand (wax down, obviously) and just make the card move a bit. The reactions you receive will be 100X better and it will give a stronger impression of magic having occurred. The acrobatics the card often goes through hints heavily at the method.

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  5. I hear you about the wax. Some really nice wax is actually beeswax. Just find a beeswax candle that is wrapped instead of solid. Like below. This is much thicker and works great. As Edward mentioned above, you really need to work it in well regardless of the wax you use. Or if you wear glasses, it can help if you anchor it to the glasses because it stays cooler and firmer.
  6. Keep the routine somewhat short and well rehearsed. If the routine is too long people begin to get the idea
  7. Kind of like those optical illusions back in the mid 1990's.

    Stare at it long enough and you'll see a dinosaur!
  8. thank you everyone i no longer need help i actually contacted a huge famous magician that has been doing that hummer trick for 20 years and he by suprised gave me a free (originally over $40) hour long video on all types of tricks and techniques with the hummer and types of wax and thread to use im so happy XD
  9. Hi do you still have this video. recently purchased several instructional videos and they only cover the basics. looking for good resource to learn other possible routines - many thanks Michael
  10. Shimshi has a great routine on this. He teaches it in his Penguin live lecture.
  11. Hi every one I know this thread is a bit older but I decided to pull out the hummer card once more. Can you guys provide me with any more detailed tips about the around the body method? I know it's not ideal for performances but definitely something fun I randomly want to play with while on this lock down! :/

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