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  1. Hypnosis through chat rooms and over text is not something anyone's really devoted a web page to or any instructions to, but it's certainly not new at all. Actually, it's how I met my girlfriend. :)

    But I think we have a misunderstanding. I never said a "long drawn out induction", I said poetry. Poetry is short, rhythmical, engaging and a stream of consciousness. I've always found that if I create all my inductions as if I am writing poetry, it aids at establishing a rhythm and aids in making vivid images and feelings in the subject. This is especially helpful in text, because what you do not include, the subject fills it in her/himself with their own imagination.

    And I get what you are saying. There's no set induction. The "catch phrase" was just a suggestion. It works for some, not for others, like any other induction. And I don't use it all the time.

    The key thing I was trying to get across is that when you doing an induction through text, if you put yourself into the mindset of you are writing poetry, in whatever style you are comfortable with, it aids in getting a relaxing rhythm and opens the person up to suggestion.

    When you are doing chat room hypnosis, sometimes having the people type and say the same "catch phrase" aids in getting people to conform to the crowd. In stage hypnosis, one of the more powerful techniques is getting the entire audience to participate in "tests" that is meant to tell the hypnotist who is a good participant on stage. It does that, but it also gets the group into a "follow the crowd" mentality, allowing them to relax more and making it easier to give suggestions. This retyping of the phrase is pretty much the same thing. Plus also, it gives the subject something to focus on. Remember that you want to engage the person with as many senses as possible. You want them totally focused on you.

    However, if that's not your style, that's fine. But maybe it is something you can keep in mind so you can take that tool and adapt it into your style somehow.

    No problem. I've been doing hypnosis for twenty years now. I'll be happy to offer any advice I can. :)

    One thing about the chat room induction: either make it a private room or set it up so that when someone comes in in the middle of the session, that they don't start disrupting the session.
  2. Oops, my mistake. I somehow got the impression you were talking about a longer, slower induction. Like I said, I'd just woken up :rolleyes:

    Actually, out of all the suggestions you made, the poetry one seems to be the one I'd most likely use. I can see how that could help. I think I'll try adding more rhythm to my hypnosis in future, and see how it goes.
    And I suppose I do use the 'catchy phrase' idea already, albeit on a very simple and basic level. I'm always quite specific when I give an instruction that my subject should 'type ok if they understand this', as getting them to type a certain thing is almost conditioning them to respond to what you tell them to do.
    Still not buying the whole darkened room thing though :p

    The one thing I was meaning to ask you though, is, when on a chatroom or the suchlike, how do you bring in the subject of hypnosis and offer to give it a go without freaking people out? At the moment, simply getting people to volunteer to be hypnotized is probably my biggest problem. After that, I'm sorted...
  3. Just thought I'd mention that I sat in a dark room during our "session" ;)
  4. Really? That's interesting...
  5. You haven't read this man's poetry! :p
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    dude u are leet man. this is very interesting, i would love to give it a go.

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