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  1. Hey guys, I plan on putting on a magic show out on stage in school this coming March and My routine doesn't seem right. Heres what I had planned for myself...

    I haven't decided wat music i shall use. I probabaly use Crazy Frog for the first two routines and change the music when i start the D-lights. I would like to use both songs to be exciting, not boring the audience with soft music. Im still unsure???

    1 Start with some card flourishes like S fans
    2 Go into card manipulations from Jeff McBride
    3 End manipulations with puking out ethier cards or 25ft of streamers
    4 Stage Light dims so I can Start with My D-light routine, i only have two red D -Lights
    5 I want to end my routine with either using the Dancing Cane routine or do a routine using a metal ring and a regular shoe string, everytime i put the string through the ring visually, I pull the ring right through the string =) ​

    If anyone has any suggestions, advice, or I should add or get rid of something, PLEASE let me know, thank you :D

    By the way, the show can be from 5 to 20 minutes, in case you wanted to know :)
  2. Hey man,

    Your routine sounds tight, for music, what I would do is either have some really fast paced trance or an instrumental to a rock song or maybe do a certain theme for each effect that you do for example you would have the trance music while doing de lites then when your done with the d lites the stage light dimmers, you get your applause then when it dies down you go into some nice soft music for the dancing canes.
  3. For some soft music, I think the first track "sweet dreams" from http://www.myspace.com/whoissandman
    would be perfect.

    Good luck waay in advance!
  4. Hey, it sounds good, just make sure your moves are perfected, and timed nicely to whatever music you choose. Make sure you practice with the music so you know how long you are going and when to move on.
    And make sure the angles will be good with your manipulations (especially the height of the audience).
    btw, I love dancing cane, but that's me ;)

    Best of luck! Have a fun with it!

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    i would do something quick and visual other then flourishes to start.
    i do 3 different things to open stand up latley.

    1. blendo. 2. comedy billard ball routine 3. misers dream

    i guess D-lites work but i wonder if they will get boring.

    just for tips
    my next show consists of

    comedy billiard ball
    Fiber optics
    T&R newspaper
    Coins to Glass stand up version
    Chance wolfs cellulator
    Sketchpad Card rise
    Phone-ale ( phone to impossible location )

    it varies show to show depending on requirements. for example if the show is for a young crowd id likely do misers dream and take out things the card rise. and close with bigger wands

    i think if i were you i might come out with a fast take no prisoners dancing cane. do the D-lites. do some card manipulations (mix your flourishes in ) and have something like Mcbrides Double jumbo card production to finish. Of course if you know how to do something other things this might be able to change to be better
  6. Josh posted some pretty solid stuff right there, and just to add on top of it I'll throw my thoughts out there.

    One thing I see wrong is it's ALL to music. NOT GOOD. By simply performing to music nonstop, how do you expect your audience to get to know you? It's impossible, if you don't give them a chance. In just about every good show, the magician will bring someone up on stage and do a routine with them and the audience. Paper balls over the head comes to mind on this one. So does a cut and restored rope. So does the Invisible Deck. So does the Malini Egg bag (I use 2 helpers with this one). So do soooooooooo many other things.

    I think you have a good basis for a show, something to work off of. But don't sell yourself short on this one. It's also good your giving yourself plenty of time to prepare. Where are you performing at? Is it all scheduled and set to go? It's a good idea to have a show first, before you try to set a date to perform. But none the less, at least you're leaving yourself plenty of time...

    Good Luck. :)
  7. I would definitely suggest against anything as childish as Crazy Frog. Look at Massive Attack, From Here we Go Sublime, and Bassnectar. Just take a few minutes and look them up, you'll thank me later :)

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