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  1. As the thread says.. so I was jamming to some '80's classics on YouTube (Yes I'm old). I came upon a song by Juice Newton called Queen of Hearts. To my surprise during the music video someone was doing queen of heart card reveal tricks...
    Made me wonder what other music videos had actual magic tricks in them, not just camera tricks. For anyone interested here is the link.

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  2. Guitar player looks kinda like Daryl Stuermer, who played with Genesis. Fantastic player btw.
  3. The beginning of the music video for It's Tricky by Run DMC has Penn and Teller doing the three card monte at the beginning

    They're also in a Katy Perry music video. I can't remember if they do any magic though and I really don't feel like looking through it to see lmao.
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  4. Don't know if there's magic in the Katy Perry video....I was too busy watching her.
  5. Before anyone else goes off to check, there's nothing in Motorhead's Ace of Spades
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  6. If you look closely you will see Brad Christian, CEO and founder of Ellusionist.
  7. I find it hilarious that Ellusionist just has this music video posted to their official YouTube channel
  8. Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal.
  9. Where?
  10. The lean. That was not trick cinematography. That was a magic gimmick Michael Jackson developed. Dude was a magician in real life. Last that I checked, Criss Angel had bought the rights to that patent. But I know Michael created and developed that.
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  11. I don't think Criss Angel has purchased the rights, as Doug Malloy still sells them. Perhaps you're thinking of the matrix suspension/levitation?
  12. Oh yeah duh. Was MJ actually a magician tho?
  13. That I can say for certain, he was. He hung at a magic shops in disguise.
  14. I think you are correct my friend!

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