If the Presentation is New?

Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by Steven the Wizard, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. I have an effect that I have been pondering what to do with. The inner workings of it are by no means new, and the secret is one I'm sure many know. However, the storyline (patter) for the effect is unique, and fully my own. Would it be a good free marketplace release, even with the secret being classic, but the patter being unique?
  2. Even on the Wire, T11 is diligent in ensuring they are releasing original material. I think you may have more luck by self publishing it.
  3. If you release it, be sure to credit the work of other magicians that came up with the original effect. There is no way to really copyright magic effects so it's up to us as a community to acknowledge the works of others who came before us. It just makes everyone happier this way.
  4. I would personally put it on youtube (performance only) and point people in the right direction of where to learn it. I know I would personally be upset if someone else taught my routine for free.

    The only two exceptions are: You get the originator's permission, or the effect is so old that it is considered public forum at this point.
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  5. If the mechanics are all old it will be declined in The Marketplace even if it is free. Presentation alone won't get you approval. We are looking for all three of these things:

    1. Creativity
    2. Originality
    3. Production quality.

    New presentation on an old effect fails point #2 and will be declined. Probably something better for you to show off in the media section.

    // L

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