Invisible vs Tarantula?

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  1. Hi everyone, Im not that experienced in thread work but so far I have used 20 loops and broke all of them. Im getting the jist of it. But, one thing I don't like is the lighting problems. It is way to visible ( the loops) because certain people called me out and saw the loops on my wrist they said its very visible it looks like a hair. I want to take my levitation skills to the next level. What would you recommend, tarantula or invisible? Which is more invisible? Also with invisible and tarantula, could I still do the same tricks I could do with loops? Any advice? What would be the best levitation device? Also I can't use spider pen pro because Its summer where I live and its too hot to be wearing long sleeves. Could I use invisible or tarantula with short sleeves? Thanks!
  2. my answer is neither, based on your story you do not have much experience in thread magic so I highly not recommend dropping a big junk of your money on these devices. Instead, buy the classic UFO floating card trick and master it. The UFO trick is the fundamental of invisible thread work, so if you master that then are you ready to move on to EIT. Once you master using EIT, then purchase the Spider Pen. NOTE: you don't need to wear a jacket to use the spider pen.
  3. I don't really think along the same lines as above honestly I believe that you should buy a reliable gimmick: Spider Pen Pro, Tarantula or as anyone would say, start with loops itself and start small. Daniel Garcia's advice is to focus on animations as opposed to levitations. In your case I would suggest focusing on creating the fundamental environment such as the lighting, clothes and your basic audience management and just do a simple animation, and really milk it, act it out. Don't jump too into focusing on levitations if you haven't handled the basics yet and once you get the feel for how the animations are you will then be able to focus on levitations because then you know the type of lighting you need and you will know your audience management. My final advice, be patient. A levitation and an animation will acquire equal amounts of reaction so don't worry about that and just do animations to begin with because then when you get it down and you do a levitation the reaction you get is astronomical.
  4. Loop animations and invisible thread work can look amazing, but unfortunately you are correct in that numerous times magicians are caught in bad lighting or subpar environments or they don't have the proper clothes on to mask it. They try to get away with it and you can clearly see a "small hair" just as you have mentioned. I had similar problems and after being caught more times than I'd like to admit, I don't perform invisible thread work at all any more. I'm not saying don't keep trying...not at all...just know that there are going to be many circumstances where the environment isn't good. Somewhere where lighting is dim or in a bar type scenario would be prime.
  5. I couldn't agree more. Just wondering have you seen this trick done before by chance? Also, love the super funny pun. They only thing I would've done slightly different now is show the word Steve to the 3 judges and then have Howie reveal it. I think that would've broken theories that were going around in the comment section. It was a fantastic performance though. I love how casual he was throughout the performance.

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