is 3Fry too inexpensive?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by sean, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,
    Having started with cards first, the 3 fly effect looks really cool and within reach but is the easy accessibility of such an amazing effect like 3 fly, detrimental to the starting coin magician when he hasn't even nailed down the basics or worked hard enough on a 1-coin routine.

    Would it be like learning how to fly when one hasn't learn how to walk yet?

    Please advise
  2. I agree with Sean that 3fry should be priced more.

    Moreover, I believe that the price of teaching videos in the 1 on 1 section should vary. Singular utility sleights and such should be priced lower than full blown effects. I believe that increasing the accessibility of classic effects found in books can promote the art, but taken to an extreme it can be detrimental as well. So please, don't make Theory 11 the new place to come for all magic junkies to have a cheap weekly fix at the price of lowering the value of such great material.
  3. priced more? thats not fair nor smart as a buisness the book that 3 fry is in is still available for 45 dollars. why would they charge a large percentage of the original sources cost.
  4. you should note sean that 3 FRY is NOT a 3 FLY. 3 fly is somthing else. and as someone who mainly works in coins not much cards ( i just pracetice a multiple shift for the first time today and iv been doing this a while ) i think the basics need to be covered. if for no otgher reason , lets say you learn 3 fry perfect. what then if somthing goes wrong? drop your coins and say sorry? a working knowledge with ANY prop you use should be understood WELL!
  5. Well considering that the book that it's originally taught in is only $45, charging anything more would be kind of ridiculous. The thing that makes the 1 on 1 section so fantastic and revolutionary is that we can get such awesome material at such a low price and that prices are not unfairly bloated like on other magic sites.
  6. hi Joshua,

    I understand 3 fly is a visual coins across and the one in the 1-on-1 section is a 3-coin vanish and re-production.

    Is that book you were referring to, totally out of control?
  7. Yes I believe it is...incredible book btw!
  8. sean thats the book, and everyintg currently in 1 on 1 is there. i think the one on one section is cool, but personally id take the 15 dollars get put it towerd the book. its serisouly one of the best out there.

    coins cards cigars ropes... kenner has lots of fabulous routines, iv learned more then alot from that book
  9. It's fine as long as people don't load it on youtube the best thing to even it out is to not load videos of you doing it on youtube :)
  10. ill agree with that. if nothing else i hope the media section here will be utilized instead of youtube if you must
  11. I'm kind of pissed off that the 1 on 1 section is teaching all of these GEMS from Totally Out of Control / Out of Control. They were hidden away and secret! Only those of us who bought that old book, (meaning those of us not afraid to READ); those of us who practiced the material from reading the book, and performed it how we wanted to, were able to get our hands on this killer stuff.

    I don't want to see youtube videos of every lame "magician" out there screwing this stuff up, and doing it EXACTLY like they're told. PLEASE practice it well first, and make it your own. (Not aimed at anyone in particular... just EVERYONE).


  12. don;t worry scott only the dedicated well be doing hellbound and the like. and i donlt know if you noticed look carfully. the 3 fry they are teaching here is not the complete version ;)
  13. I dont think it is inexpensive...
    Any coin worker with his basics down does this kind of a coin routine in practice...but of course if you want the kenner way to it.. its called 3fry.. aptly priced, good for beginners.
  14. Joshua,
    I did notice that... I'm just worried that they left it out of the preview video, and are teaching it as a "bonus" or something.

    I know, I know... you're right, it's not a crisis. But a significant chunk (at least 15-20%) of my working repertoire is from that book. The last thing I want to hear from my audience is "hey, I saw that trick on that website, what was it called... oh yeah, youtube!"

  15. i can understand that. i use much if it as well..... only time will tell i guess ..... if people screw the himber click pass, used in the book iv taken so long to perfect i might get angry lol
  16. Hi guys,

    I agree with most of you. I guess i should re-phrase the title as 'Is 3 fry too accessible'.

    Deep down, there's no way i'm going near the more challenging material without getting the basics down first. If i buy this now, there is no way i am going to do the effect justice without gaining a firm grip of coin basics first. The price...damn it's too affordable and therefore, very accessible!

    BTW if anyone cares, i am practicing stuff from Michael Ammar's The Complete Introduction to Coin Magic.

    Just my 2 cents.
  17. good start ean, and i like your ethics to do other thigns first more need to think that way. i would also check out david roths book, it is truly LOADED with stuff and much of its not real hard. someothing that is not mentioned often but has become a valueable source for me is rubinstines encyclopedia of coin slights. its a 3 volume set of move that iv used alot as reference. i ALWAYS perfer books but a visual guide for the moves is helpful

    if you need any advice or help on your road feel free to pm me
  18. I bought 3 fry and I love it, I don't have the money for Chris Kenner's book.

    Now I have a routine with 4 coins (CoinOne)

    and a routines with 3 coins (3 fry + Silver Dream + Sh4de and only four)
  19. i think its a great idea but you are right people have bought this book and now all its tricks are being widely avalible. Guys if anything complain they are too high
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    why would you want to pay more money?

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