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    Over the magic cafe', some magicians offer their lecture notes for free from time to time ( Steve Youell did sometime ago ). I know a very good and knowledgeable magician over youtube who shares his trick ( a very good one actually ) after he checks your profile and you add him to friends ( to show private videos ). Plus, many magicians offer part of their lecture notes on their websites as a kind of "promo", or a sample, or newsletter. These are my observations.

    There is nothing with teaching your effect to others in magic community ( as I concluded from my observations :p ), but you will be under the same ethics as publishing a book/DVD, if not more restricted. Can you share it in this very forum? I have no idea on forum rules here. I'd ask a moderator.
  2. Well not on the forum, perhaps if he made some pdf or text file on it.
  3. Due to my personality, I am against any exposure, and that is doubly so with my own effects. If I create an effect that is original, I do not reveal it to anyone because I am the only person who does that trick! I may reveal the few effects I've created someday, but not until I have developed something better. In other words, if it's your best effect, don't reveal it. But it's your creation, so do with it as you wish...

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