Is Jason England teaching incorrect methods?

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    I have recently gotten into gambling demonstrations and have been putting practice to all sorts of false cuts, shuffles, and deals. However I purchased Jason England's Second Deal to start off and he recommended Richard Turner who is the best card technician hands down from what I have seen. Yet Mr. Turner in the Dvd "The Cheat" actually advises against using Jason England's technique as it could be caught and there is a more natural way.

    Richard Turner's method of second dealing is a 10/10 for difficulty in my opinion, while England's is a 6/10. I haven't purchased anything else from Mr. England as I don't know if what he teaches is the best method. I payed $10 for one video of second dealing but Richard Turner's "The Cheat" was only $25 plus S&H. Not complaining about the price, however, for a little more than twice the price I learned dozens of moves compared to the single 1on1 video.

    I did like Jason's teaching and how he went through the steps, however I would prefer to pay for the best method for this type of style. Any thoughts?
  2. Well, I think that it all comes down to what you would preferably use.. I mean I know sleights should be used exactly how they are taught but how many DLs are there in the world. How many passes do you see. I can think of maybe 4-5 from a single book. I can't recall the book off hand. I mean you got a midnight pass, hermann pass, and riffle pass just to name a few. It all depends on the purpose of what your trying to do. I'm sure the pros from theory 11 have looked it over and determined it was good enough.
  3. maybe you could PM Jason England and ask him about it.
  4. Are you being confused with a STRIKE Second Deal and a PUSH OVER Second deal?

  5. Sounds like it.

    Both are different but useful, and can be made to look natural with practice.

    I think the most important thing to note however, that knowing how to do both (so that you don't look like someone who's THAT comfortable with something like a second deal) works well because you can switch it up. If you keep switching it up, even if they thought they saw you do something funny, they can't be sure because you're not going to do it repeatedly.
  6. Yeah, push over Second Deal is more difficult. But for any trick deals, I think you need TIME and PRACTICE to fool people who starring at your hand, Sherlock. Dun spend too much on many technique DVDs at once.
  7. Ah I do apologize then. That does make much more sense then. If any mods see this thread then you can delete or close w/e you find necessary?

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