Is this 'incorrect' in flourishing?

So my question for you is: if you add packets, use different fingerings, or vary copyrighted flourishes such as J5, does this make it 'incorrect'? If you vary it up even the sleightest (such as doing a different flare in Sybilism, or adding a couple packets in Leno), is it not the original flourish anymore? It seems as if a lot of people are flamed or critiqued for not doing the exact moves of the original.

May 10, 2008
I think it's mainly beacuse of the fact that it looks worse and lazier than the original flourish that causes it to look like they were too lazy to learn the hard moves of the flourish and replace them with their moves, claiming "creativity"

Take one of my favorite videos ever, Bizar 2009. In it, Bizar does a Sybil in the Rain variation in which he has 2 extra packets, adding to the size of the flourish. This doesnt get complaints about it because it looks almost better than the original flourish AND creative. instead of it just looking lazily put together....

And we all know what that looks like.
Nov 15, 2008
i've been doing the same thing with Pandora. i do it slightly different. a good friend of mine says i dont do it "wrong," i do it "different". and i think thats what counts. :D
Dec 22, 2007
Long Island, New York
The only reasons people would complain about variations are if your execution was sloppy, you claim it to be original, fill your entire video with them, or if you make the original flourish look worse.

So if you practice and don't be a d-bag you should be fine :D
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something fun about florishing/magic/performance/routining, and everithing about this arts, is that even if u know a move, a sleight, etc, u will do it diferent, and i think thats good, i dont like clones, i hate to see a performance with something and see a clone of the original performer/creator. (like the dan and dave clones allover youtube XD)

i think is good to try to us other finger, this maybe help to creat ur own, or do a variation like u have read in this post, creat ur own style, or something more :)
May 10, 2008
Yep, I'd agree.

But if you can still do the cut originally, thats the only way you can call it by it's full name.

As long as it doesn't looked tacked on for the sake of saying "D00d i AdDed a PAckeT tO Da LeNo cUt!"

(typing like that hurts my head) =P
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