J.J. Abrams on Magic & Mystery

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  1. TED talks are really amazing. They had another magician, Arthur Benjamin, who was sort of not really a magician. Whatever... Anyway, he mentioned that Lennart Green was in the audience, so I hope that there might be something from Mr. I hate you because I can't do the top shot but it's a nice move anyway I don't hate you I just hate your top shot. And your laser deal, because I still can't figure it out and I'm saving up for the encyclopedia of playing card flourishes but then Aaron Fisher made the Paper Engine ultra-cheaper, so I'm going to buy that first, so then now the laser deal booklet is far off my mind, and the reason that I can't just buy it b/c it's uber cheap is because I don't want to waste shipping on just one thing, I usually only order big orders.

    Where was I?
  2. All I have to say is that this was amazing and an inspiration.
  3. cool

    hey awesome video, he does make a good point to people who just want to go ahead and make movies. I'm one of those, im studying to be a director and writer, and i've also loved magic and im also a magician. It's cool though cuz i didnt know he' liked magic also and i've been to tannens all the time.
  4. that was great...thanks a ton for posting it!!!
  5. He is so funny, and he films such serious movies? No way. By the way, I wouldn't say he is that into magic, just barely, I mean, like everyone probably went and bought something from a magic store, at least at one point in their lives.

    BTW cloverfield looks so cool, I saw the poster right after watching I am Legend (amazing movie) and I'm like "Not again" because they showed NY messed up again, I want to see that.
  6. Cloverfield is awesome. So was his speech. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Thanks for the post great stuff as always.
    Everyone needs to watch more TED videos.
  8. Has anyone noticed his voice sounds similar to Jason Alexander, the guy who played George in Seinfeld.

    Great video though.
  9. I love Tannen's magic shop and i have purchased the $15 mystery box once from them a long time ago.they had at the time a $15 a $25 and a $50 box, my box was filled with tricks that would not sell otherwise by its self a small pencil the kind used for golf score keeping but made out of rubber, a five inch magic wand a maze with no way to solve,a plastic ring and a lot of other thing along this line.......my point? Mr.Abrams opened that box, saw what was in it and taped it up again, How can you not open the box? watch the clip again and see for your self look at the box closely and see if you see what i see. I still shop at Tannen's, love you guys Tony,Larry,Dave,mike. sorry but J.J Abrams tricked us again for the sake of a great story.
  10. That was a great speech. I love the analogy of the box and what it represents. Yeah I was wanting to see Cloverfield I guess I'll have to go this weekend.
  11. J.J. Abrams is a master of mystery (Anyone who's seen Cloverfield or Lost will agree with me)
  12. I hear people were throwing up in Cloverfield.

    That's my kind of movie.

  13. Cloverfield sucked!!!!! Just got back from it, and people were literally booing after the movie was over. The guy next to me threw his bag of popcorn at the screen, no lie. Luckily though, we were at the front so he didn't hit anyone lol......

    But really, terrible movie. Way to short for $10 for a ticket, and the beginning was just wwwwwaaaaaaaayyyyyyy to dragged out. Really, who wants to spend 20 minutes watching them at a stupid party, when the movies as short as it is?????

    My thoughts.......save your money, go see the Bucket List. That's the next movie we're going to see....and Untraceable. That comes out the 25th, can't wait!!!!!! Cloverfield could have been soooooooooooooo much better, had it not sucked so much, if that makes any sense (and no, it doesn't! LOL!) :rolleyes:...........

  14. I really dislike it when people review a film based on its length. My favourite film of all time is 30 minutes long. At least review it on cinematic technique, characters, suspense.

  15. Pay $10 for a ticket and you only get an hour long movie, where 20 minutes is nothing but "testimonials" (see the movie, you'll know what I mean) and you'll be angry too. Especially the ending...that just sucked.

    Actors....just a bunch of off-the-wall people. Nothing bad, but nothing excellent either. Cinematic technique?? The equivalent of a 14 year old kid on youtube. Really, think home videos. You'll agree with that one too when you see it.

    Suspense? Maybe a little. But like I said, the movie was way to short to build up anything memorable. Just a poor film in my opinion. One of the worst I've seen lately....

    My opinion. :)
  16. Well,

    I just got back from Cloverfield as well, and I was really looking forward to it. In my opinion, not the greatest movie ever, of course not but, I pesonally liked the style of filming and editing and the whole aspect of it.

    I see Steve you didn't like it, and that guy who threw his popcorn, some guy in my theatre at the end yelled "That was f****** b*******" at the top of his lungs threw his drink against the wall and left.

    I liked the movie, I enjoyed the monster and all the mystery surrounding it, and there's about a 90% chance there'll be a sequel if you stayed until after the credits you will find out :).

    Not the greatest movie ever but, I enjoyed it and I would see it again.

  17. And I wanted to see it, now I'm completely confused, maybe I just should wait for Rambo.

    (Kinda off topic) Speaking of bad movies I saw Shoot Em Up, and they guy killed people with a carrot, A CARROT!! It wasn't a good movie, but it was so fake to the point it was funny and entertaining, If you know what I mean.
  18. I'm leaving in about 20 minutes :).

  19. Well, I'll try to keep this magic related. After all, this is a magic forum and a thread about "J.J. Abrams on Magic and Mystery" -- not a review for Cloverfield, et al. ;)

    It's interesting how J.J. Abrams, who also turns out to be a magician, handles the dynamic of magic and mystery, seamlessly integrating it into his work. Of course, it leads to the question about how we can integrate magic, its endless mysteries, and the world of possibilities that it inherently brings into our everyday lives.

  20. Jack's right, lets stay on topic ;)

    However, if anyone wants to discuss Cloverfield with me via PM feel free to!

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