James Lee Levitation Worth It?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Slick88, Dec 1, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know anything about this? looks like a good gimick but I'm new to this online magic stuff. The price looks too good for only $40 he gives 50 trickes plus his gimmick device. Anyone heard about this, is it a scam? It says something about the $40 only being a preorder or something, looks fishy to me im not sure. His video looks example looks impressive. Thanks for all help

    his site:


  2. From what I can see, they don't like Wayne, they are trying to reveal his tricks.
  3. Avoid any website that has free magic in the tital because its liable to be crap.
  4. I would not play with them! None of the stuff is original they have "Barrowed" many other magi's work. and are now selling tricks that are all ready on the market. Bad move I dont like it. The whole thing smells like a bad fish taco.:(
  5. Saw my site stats and came in....

    Every business person has his start.

    We have nothing against anyone magician.

    My site is more of a direct sales page. I buy my supplies from various magic suppliers, the same as E or P shops.

    The 50 Mind Blowing Magic Trick I bought with resell rights.

    Yes it has a trick from wayne and s. fields etc...

    The person I bought this from sells it off ebay.

    My market is total towards noobs and beginners. Where sites like theory11 are geared for magicians with more then 2 years experience.

    I actually wanted to buy some stuff wholesale from theory but they have a non compete.

    I also have rights with fearson, andrew mayne, nathon Kranzo and some more im working with that allows me to give away or resell their tricks.

    The word free does not mean crap. Its a search engine marketing thing kid.

    Peace Out
  6. Never recieved!!!!

    Ok so I know this post is YEARS late, and so I dont know if anyone will ever read it.

    But last year around this same time I tried to order one of James Lees Beginners Levitation Devices. It all sounded pretty good to me.

    Now maybe I haven't looked hard enough but one thing I have since noticed is that there are a few people asking about this product in forums... but I can't seem to find any posts or reviews from anyone whos actually got one or used it.

    The reason for this??? Well I dont want to say this is a scam... but ... lets just say I paid for this product and I NEVER recieved it!

    I used paypal to order it. I even contacted James a few times and a few times he replied to let me know it had been passed on to be shipped and everything.

    But eventually his replies stopped and my product never arrived.

    Again maybe this is just bad luck on my behalf and it got lost in the mail ... and I'm not the type of guy to jump to conclusions... BUT at the end of the day the facts are that, I NEVER received a product, I LOST money and the seller NEVER contacted me back even to apologize.

    Curiously I started looking into this device again and remember last years experience I just thought I should tell be to be careful with these purchases in the future.......

    - Anthony
  7. Hahahaha. "nathon Kranzo"

    Yeah, I can see the profesionalism in here, english is not my mother's lenguage and I actually write it better.

    Jlee, you were better off without trying to justify your site. After all, you know about "marketing" kid. You should know better ;)
  8. Haha, RD, you do know that his first post (here) was actually his last post, right?
  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Shisnits......... I just noticed the date..... hahahahahaha. Ok ok......Just in case ;).

    EDIT::// My fury blinded me man...
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    Lol, RD. Just in case...(but I still highly doubt it though) ;)

    --Edit Gotcha man...;]
  11. If it looks like trash, sounds like trash, and smells like trash...
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    It used to be worth it, but here are the problems...

    First off my main issue with James Lee is that he is acting like this is his invention when James George ( Me ) is the guy who Invented the ITR. What he promotes on his site is a very cheap knock-off version of my invention that is made in India, they are very noisy and I would say crap that will end up in your magic drawer. I suspect that James Lee created his demo with one of our reels, yet sells you a pirate reel. You have been warned, he used to buy them from me, but came up with every excuse in the world to not do business with us, when we bent over backwards to try and please him. He is pretending to be me, what he is doing is stealing my intellectual property rights without my permission and because he understands web marketing better then I do, he has really hurt our reputation and business in general.

    I personally have been building ITR's for over 15 years now, and we are experts at what we do, no one has put the thought in and the attention to detail that we do in every ITR we manufacture. We have just released our latest version of this product the Alpha Reel, it is easy to fix, Use and comes with Online video instruction as well as ten routines. Really a great value and is actually cheaper then the Thread Genie when you consider the price per foot of the IT you receive with ours.


    50+ of Very Fine IT
    Life Time Warranty on any kind of damage, even if its your fault.
    Unlimited Tech Support at no charge ( Sorcerymfg(@)aol.com )
    Patented Open Architecture that makes reset instant.
    Excellent Retraction Distance for it's size, exclusive design feature.
    Smooth and silent precision made
    Smooth and slim design preferred by the Pro's
    Especially our Thread Boss and Spectra Boss Reel.
    Adjustable Tension
    Lower cost $31.50 (Alpha Reel ) 50' of IT =.63 cents per foot
    Free ITR Book of routines and History of the ITR $14.97 value no charge.

    Knock Off Verions: ( Thread Genie & India Reels )
    18 feet of IT that is far from Invisible
    Noisey and Sharp edges on the feeder hole that cuts the thread
    No warranty, usually no returns.
    Big and bulky
    Dealers make a huge profit so they prefer promoting this even though they
    know the value does not exist.
    Wrong kind of elastic, very sad retraction distance
    Higher cost ultimately 14.97 ( Genie ) 18' of IT = .83 cents per foot

    The ITR has been one of the best selling highest grossing Magic Tricks of all
    time, we are experts at what we do, no one does it better. The only way to assure that you are truly getting the Original is by ordering directly from us
    at the Sorcery Shop.

    If you have any further questions or need further assistance, I am always
    happy to help.

    James George
  13. james lee levetation devices and plans - all bull ****

    ive orderd this hovering card 2.0 or somthing for about 11 - 30 usd and ive been waiting for 2 years and i send them a message and they said they will re send it , i got pissed off now the 4 th year is gone and i havnt received any crap wat so ever , and ive checked up , it looks like a scam u guys say , and i believe it , that ******* wats money and says he is giving free devices ( all bull ****) -( pure ****) never go on that site again - after a while he wont reply just wait and see --
  14. i see , why dont some one review all this and get that guy in some deep **** ! or too many people will get scammed !
  15. Anthony,

    This product is a knock-off version of my invention, very much like many of the other cheap inferior knock-offs of the ITR. I will be happy to send you a real one that is far superior. E-mail me at Sorcerymfg@aol.com with a scanned copy of your pay pal payment and I will send it out to you.

    Kind Regards,

    James George
    CEO Sorcery Shop
    Inventor of the ITR
  16. ^This thread was from November 30th, 2007 and the member you quoted is LONG gone - his last login was December 6th, 2009.
  17. This Sucks!
  18. James Lee acts like he Invented the ITR and is the creator of my invention the ITR, he sells a rip off version of my invention, while he did buy them from me for awhile he has a hard time paying for what he orders.
  19. Yeah.... you tell 'em.
  20. James,

    This is James George at Sorcery Shop, you know you have marketing knock-off's of my reel for many years.
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