Jerry's Nuggets - Giveaway

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by copperfield 14, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. yeah i just read my email an i am so stoked i wonder how much he will sell them for? and when i really want one.
  2. Its just a Scam. LOL
  3. I heard that too! Maybe I should post the PM he sent me about this...
  4. yea you should POST IT
  5. im NOT going to get any. It goes against me to buy an ungimmicked deck of cards that are more than $10
  6. It's not a scam...believe me. take advantage of this...if you can afford to...
  7. Wasn't this thread just deleted, or was i dreaming, cause i thought i had like 2 comments on this and now their gone.... oh well.
  8. only a few will be released, like 10 decks
  9. You should change the title of the thread. It's very misleading (and it brought my hopes up, only to crush them again).
  10. Please Lee.

    We all want to try these.

    For the Love of God, or Nothing.. if your atheist ... put a Deck limit on these decks.

    Or els the whole Duviver thing will happen all over again.
  11. yeah people will be buying this by bricks an no one else will get them.
  12. he sent an email out probably a month a ago already telling us me this is late news. I wonder when he's releasing them and for how much........?
  13. It says on the bottom of the page that only a limited number of decks will be for sale and once they are gone - they are gone.
  14. I believe he means... a limit as to how many decks a single person can purchase, so that more people have a chance to get them.
  15. It's possible, I guess we have to wait and see.
  16. Man, I was hoping this wouldn't get around so fast... :(
  17. Yeah Jamal posted it here so people would think he's cool. He said it on DN.

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