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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by copperfield 14, Dec 29, 2008.

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    The onslaught has come!
  2. any ideas how much he will sell them for? and when? I mean saving like $10 only wouldn't be that awesome...
  3. Who cares how much they are. All I know is that I am getting me some!:D
  4. Lee Asher and Jerry's

    I was wondering if anyone know how much of a difference their will be in the price of lee asher jerrys and the ones on ebay. Do you think I should wait for his or go ahead and buy them on ebay.
  5. Why do you want Jerry's?
  6. Lee Asher is selling Jerrys? Where did you hear about that?
  7. Mostly likely Asher's newsletter. Sign up at his website.
  8. he said that anyone now has a chance to own jerry's, so i'm guessing he's selling for cheap...
  9. He did not announce what the price would be, only to stay tunned for additional details.
  10. $500 is what i heard.......
  11. Yes, Lee Asher is selling a limited amount of Jerrys. If you are signed up to his newsletter, you would know this.
    In answer to the original question, I would wait and see. A bit longer without Jerrys won't hurt you, but you might get a better deal. The only thing is that I imagine this is going to be a little like White Cents. He said that there would be a limited release and that after they're gone, they're gone. But still, I'd at least wait and find out the price, because options never hurt.
  12. Also like Lee said, people are selling fakes on ebay so I would rather buy them from a reliable source.
  13. that was last year i have been buying jerrys for the last couple monthes and opened them all and non have been fake
  14. Mr. Asher...

    Please sir, give us some more info! Even just a date when you'll announce more info would be better than nothing!!

    Remember all those Christmas' when you were a kid?? All that I did for you, and now you have the opportunity to return that favor. And BTW, how would it feel to receive coal for Christmas next year?? And every year there after?? Eggggggggactly.

    Happy New Year!
  15. Has anyone else noticed the other brand of cards coming out from Lee soon? Check the coming soon page ;)
  16. That's a bit harsh

  17. Yea, you might be righ-

    No. You're completely wrong. As always.

    I don't feel I was too harsh...if anything, I was too lenient.

    Now, back to minding your own business or else you'll have so much charcoal you could grill year 'round.

    -Santa. out.
  18. <Sits in corner crying>

  19. How come I didn't get my Rolex or even a fake Rolex for Christmas? I was disappointed.

    ON TOPIC: I am hoping the Lee Asher Cards are good as well. I hope they aren't horrible but they probably aren't coming from him. He has good stuff.

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