Jerry's Nuggets Question

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  1. Why do they look plastic coated? What is the finish?
  2. theyre really hard to break in
    but really good once you do
    theyre also only coated on one side
    hope that helps
  3. I'm pretty sure they're just regular bicycle stock, but I have no clue what the finish is. Maybe it's also just air-finish. The reason why they're hard is because maybe they've gotten like that over time.
  4. No one can be sure exactly what the stock is (even the box doesn't say) but I am quite certain that they are neither Linoid nor Air-Cushion finished.

    The reason I say this is because if you take a card with any of the above finishes, and look at them closely whilst angled against the light, you see hundreds of small "bubbles" - or "dimples" as some may say. You find this with almost all common cards now, but the Jerry's/Golden Nuggets have nothing of this kind, which leads me to believe they are not the usual finish.

    I could be wrong, but my observation and intuition tells me so. :)

  5. That was my logic as well.
  6. Guys, you've got to remember that these cards were printed a while ago on different machines and paper than they use today. This is what gives them the unique feel. The paper used in those days actually contains wax, which gives them the smooth feel. This is at least what I've heard.
  7. Lee Asher talked to someone at USPCC a while back and he got the low down. I will PM him and see if he will give you the 411.

  8. Chris I heard you have them all (or alot of them!!)

    So you must know.:)
  9. Ya Chris, don't you have a million? Where'd you get your stash anyways?

  10. why can't they make them again like a re run
  11. The machine got effed up by the USPCC.
  12. is that why they stopped making them,??
  13. Quoted from the Dan and Dave forums:


    Here's a smart way to get rid of all the Jerry's Nugget threads around here; making more of them. No seriously, here's some information on these both loved and hated cards.

    1. These cards are the bright blue and red backed cards with the oil towers, named Jerry's Nugget Cards, after the Jerry's Nugget casino, who by the way stopped printing them long ago.


    2. They are waaaay too expensive, reaching over $100 a deck.

    3. The place you will most likely get them is at, or you might get lucky and come over some deal somewhere.

    Also, here are some thoughts about them from Mike_Shots on these boards:

    That's about it.
  14. The color is just shiny. and JESUS all cards are plastic coated Oh my god,they just put a finish ON THE PLASTIC.

    Yes jerry's are plastic coated.But so are


    BTW if you get a deck of jerry's or goldens there almost always in good condition because there duarable.
    Age doesnt alway warp cards.And Age makes cards better.
  15. Jerry's DO have a bit of a plasticy feel, and stop working for fans after a bit of use. I've heard that they get better for fans when you break them in, but I've been using a deck of Jerry's for probably over 6 months, and it never got better for fanning, except once, but that was because I let it sit in a cool, dark place for a kind of long time, and the fanning ability only lasted briefly.

  16. someone told me once they had a wax/paper stock perhaps that's the difference. and if they just made more, they would be useless, the design isn't exactly aesthetically pleasing to most, although i rather like it.
  17. Want a stiff, clumpy, deck, just find an antique one that's been sitting in anyone's attic for a long time.

    CardConjurer hooked me up some ancient aviators and they are stiff, thin, and keep square all the time. I think a big part of the 'nug craze (besides fanboyism) is just that they handle different coz they're old.
  18. I think the best way to define this, is it's like good wine - age creates the quality. I have no doubts that this is what is happening when Jerry's Nuggets are in the question, cause boy do they handle nicely. Despite, I wouldn't say they are the best decks out there; but definitely one of the most sought after.


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