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  1. That's a good idea bud. You might wanna also check out eBay's policies regarding that sort of thing if you haven't already - if they're indeed fake it's entirely possible the seller won't accept a return.
  2. Well i have an e-mail from the guy admitting they are genuine, real jerry's nuggets cards, i sent him another one so i can have proof of him admitting they are the original print from 1970. It also says on the bidding page that he accepts returns, and along with 99.1% positive ratings i trust i can return them if needs be.

    Im still wary though, because $46 for two decks, even though they are opened, is pretty ridiculous, i'm surprised nobody has bidded any higher...
  3. These?
    Hmmmm, they say that they are plastic, and they're from China. the whole listing looks a bit cheap with the '***As seen on YouTube***' part, and the 99% new bit, whereas the pictures show sealed decks. Were you the one who bought them?

    Also the colour looks a bit off on the red ones, but the faces look real. I'm not sure where I stand on these ones but good luck if you were the winner.

  4. If it is indeed a plastic deck, then it is fake.
  5. Luckily someone bid at the last minute so they took the worry off my hands. Im glad it turned out that way because i was pretty sure there was something fishy about them, to be honest i don't know why i wanted them in the first place, they aren't the best looking of cards and even the good quality is not worth the money they cost.
  6. wow, just found this on some site:

    In the Summer of 1999, that supply did run out. Up until mid 1999 you could still buy Jerry’s Nuggets from the casino in downtown Las Vegas, and then suddenly they were gone. That's right, there's no more Jerry's Nuggets. They're all sold out. The entire remaining stock, estimated at as many as 40,000 decks, vanished. No one knows where they’ve gone, who’s got them or how much they paid.

    "They were purchased by a magician, from Europe, for his private use" That's it? That's all the information?

    that French guy, forgot his name, HE BOUGHT 40,000 DECKS AT ONCE, BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  7. Always remember.

    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. ;)
  8. Yep im definitely going to keep that in mind from now on, im glad i was saved buy a bidding bot :)
  9. It's important that the record on this be corrected. After some careful research I have discovered that this often quoted figure of 40,000 is simply not factual. At most, it was only 14,000 decks.

    The person who made the purchase was French magician Dominique Duvivier. I have corresponded personally with him about this, and consulted several other first-hand sources.

    Read the full story here:

    The Case of the Missing 40,000 Jerry Nugget Decks: A Detective Story

    On the other hand, Duvivier clearly has enough of these decks to play with them in his bath!

  10. That's correct. For anyone interested in learning more about the reprint, I've covered them in detail in this article, including a comparison with the original decks:

    The Legendary Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards


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