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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by liquidsn, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. Very nice, I loved it.

    At first I thought you were using duplicate queens but you said you used a control to the top.

    Also very fluid change.

    Edit: Oh wow I know that control, was so great I honestly didn't recognize it, amazing handling :D

  2. Very smooth.


    No seriously, I better not see this kind of comment.
  3. Very fluid. May i ask, what's that change called?
  4. Very beautiful but pretty angle sensitive for real world performance.

    Reminds me of NatureG0D's style.
  5. You did a very, very good job.

    Work on that change a bit, someone who's watching closely may notice something funky. But that was... woo!
  6. very good i really like it now you just made a control and a change
  7. Wow! That was uber smooth. Great job man.
  8. Sweet control! Subway from the Trilogy, right?
    Nice moves!
  9. Very nice. I had to watch it again. LOL

  10. Wow, just wow. Everything was executed flawlessly. I think that your DMB is as good as and if not better than the Bucks themselves. Will you be at the IBM/SAM convention?
  11. Woah! Great performance. Fooled me the first, second, third,...wait I'm still completely fooled.:eek:
  12. I enjoyed watching it. The Color Change was nice, but wouldn't be good for real world performances, you know? But still awesome.
  13. I been doing magic for a long time. And yes, I perform this live all the time. So I would "know" that this works. ;)

    Thanks for the reply guys.
  14. I have seen Liquid perform countless times (he is my first and only magic mentor ).

    I have never seen him perform this live (Pacific ocean and USA are large, and my telescope is broken /sad ), but I guarantee he knows how to make this work in live performances.

    And if you know the moves he is using for the control to top and color change, you know that the angles are actually more forgiving then one might expect!

    Keep up the great work bud!
  15. I have seen Tony perform this live, multiple times and it is amazing. He has fooled many magicians with this control and change.
  16. OH NO!! You have divulged Liquid's true identity. QUICK. edit your post. His name must be kept secret.
  17. waht does DMB stand for?
  18. Very nice performance. There was a part that would have brought suspicion (if i wasn't a magician that is) and in a real performance it would have gone unnoticed so it's a non-issue.

    And to people who talk about angles I have two words : Audience Management.

    That is to say, put them where you want them and force them to stay...subliminally of course, most people think you're giving them a better view of whats about to happen if you move them-not thinking that you're also helping yourself by giving yourself a better angle. :)
    The same goes if you move your own body, a quick 'Here, you'll be able to see this happen if I just turn this way...*perform angle sensitive move*'

    Misdirection turns good sleight of hand artists into real magicians. ;)
  19. Uhhh why? Do you care "liquidsn"?

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