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  1. This is a discussion about the Cardini and Ego change. Not the method or how it looks, but the name of the change. A lot of people call this change the "Ego" change since it became famous thanks to Danny Garcia. But isn't the "Ego" basically Harry Houdini's change, the "Cardini" change? They are basically the same method(not going into exposure here) and I don't understand why still more people call it an Ego change. I prefer to call it Cardini since it was brought up way before Danny introduced it.

    What do you think?
  2. hmmm, from what I know, Ego change happens more slowly (more cover up) ; whereas the Cardini change is more quick and visual (in my opinion).

    Let's say that Ego change is a variation of Cardini change (I wonder If Daniel has talked about this somewhere...?)

    Imagine Click change and Snap change.
  3. I believe you've hit the nail on the head there. There is many colour changes people dont know about from books from the 1940's from Japan and such. I know a few I've never seen anyone else but this magic store owner near me and a few pros he's told me about. So it's just modernizing an old effect and making it better.

  4. I don't see a difference... the Ego and Cardini are almost exactly the same method, it's just the [thing] is in different positions.

    But I do see where you're getting at.
  5. This has been discussed on several forums, and Garcia has maintained all along that his method is different enough to warrant considering it a different effect.
  6. leggo my ego :)

    The two moves are indeed different. If you study BOTH moves you will see that... the Ego change has a different grip... a different execution...a different movement... and a different look. The feel of the ego change is nothing like the feel of the cardini change. The cardini change is executed with speed which is why it is so noisy... while the ego change is executed very slowly giving it a much softer feel. Also the moment of the ego change is completely different then the moment of the cardini change giving it a different look and different internal reaction by your spectator. i can understand how one would get confused by watching some of the youtube clips online and making a judgment based on those videos. But if you read the explanation of the Cardini Change, then read the explanation of the Ego Change, you will see that they are undoubtedly a completely different move


  7. where could i find the tutorial to the cardidi change? i have the go change, and danny, i must say is my favorite card chang i use.
  8. Did you just call Houdini and Cardini the same person?

    it sounds like from DG's post that the "Ego" change is just a cardini change done slower. whoopee!

    there is, in my opinion, no single "correct" way to do most of these sleights. I find if you experiment a little with every method you can usually find a way that better fits your personal style and ability.
  9. Actually that is only ONE of the differenced between the two changes. The grip is different as well as the motion the initial card takes. The two changes are completely different in execution but can be confused due to them being "slightly" similar in appearance.
  10. You heard the man. I only know the Ego change from the DGP... pretty cool change, though. Hey Danny, are you working on anything new right now or are you just chillin' out for the moment?

  11. Ummm last time I checked Cardini isn't a person... is it? I thought it was just named after Houdini or something...
  12. Cardini is, in fact, a person. Furthermore, he was a master magician, especially regarding sleight of hand.

    There is a Houdini Change; but, I believe the Cardini Change is not that of Houdini, but rather Cardini.

  13. They're different.

    Personally I think the Ego change looks better and is easier, but too angle sensitive.

    I like the Cardini better.

    I don't use any. Fav. change is the Twirl.
  14. Alright thanks.
  15. lol eddie when you find out about cardini you are gonna be like how did I not know that guy. there was an AWESOME article in the last issue of "MAGIC" magazine. he was the master manipulator of his time!!!

    also DG, if i could be a fanboy for a second, i guess i dont have the DGP but should pick it up so I can really understand the ego change fully , but anyways i jsut wanted to say TORN is tha bizzle!!! thanks for releasing that.
  16. Houdini change is basically the erdanse
  17. You mean Erdanse is basically the Houdini change...
  18. w/e same thing

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