Keith Barry on Ellen

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  1. Hey everyone. Ellen Degeneres is on right now and Keith Barry will be on it a little bit later.
  2. Cool

    Awesome, thanks man, :) can't wait... don't know who Keith Barry is but he must be a magician...(deductive

    Better go turn on the TV (with a bowl of honey nut cheerios of course)

    Thanks for the share!


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    Kieth is an AMAZING mentalist

    EDIT: AMAZING newspaper prediction.
  4. Why were you watching Ellen? ;)
  5. because Ellen is awesome....
  6. yeah she seems to have a fair amount of magicians appear on her show.
  7. Thanks for telling. It starts in 20 minutes. :D
  8. that was part of it. he then did a cool invisible deck and newspaper prediction. he just dumped the stuff out of the two day old box (Locked) and handed ellen a pill bottle with a note in it. after the invisible deck, she opened the pill bottle and read it out loud. and it matched the days headlines.

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