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  1. I posted about this a couple weeks ago on dan and dave and didnt quite get the responce I was hoping for. I've been working on the sk8r cut with kickflip for around a month and still no cigar=[
    Could you post some tips because I think that would really help
  2. SSSSSSsiiiiighhh. One of the reasons this cardistry forum sucks is because people don't use the search function! SEARCH! and it's about practice!!! It took me around 6 months to nail the amouunt of spins I can get now ( alot;))
    stop looking for a quick fix people, that's not what flourishing is abouts. we gots to practice'
  3. Another reason why this forum sucks is because people complain about stuff without giving people an answer they were looking for.
  4. Another reason why this forum sucks is because people make posts lacking any real value. Sean's right. Practice and you'll get. You should be making adjustments in your grip and pressure and so on without anyone having to tell you.
  5. Another reason this forum sucks, or any cardistry forum is because you all talk about the same sh*t over and over. (most of the time)
  6. Another reason why...

    I'm just messing.

    The skater cut's quite a difficult move in comparison to some. It's all about practice. Yeah, it's knacky, but increasing the number of spins is solely down to practice. You'll find something that works for you through this practice.

    I didn't mean to say practice so many times.

    -Sam H
  7. This is not something someone can just say "put your finger there and it will work". You have to experiement and get the pressures right. I've tried getting live advice from friends that can do it and they couldn't really give me any advice other than "it's a knacky thing". After about a month or so of fiddling and modifying, it finally clicked. I got the pressures right and now I can do it 9 times out of 10. If you're looking for an answer that will tell you where each finger goes and how much pressure to apply in MegaPascals, then I'm sorry to inform you, you won't find it anywhere. Experiment.
  8. Another reason this forum sucks is cause you post here.
  9. another reason why it sucks its becuase its cardistry :p (just messing)
  10. Another reason why this forum sucks is because ppl don't respond to questions.

    And by the way, do you spin the packet with the right ring finger?
  11. Yes. Remember to use a small packet of cards when doing the spin. Oh and don't give it a big flick. A nice smooth one should do.
  12. Another reason why....

    wait a minute....

    This forum doesn't suck at all......
  13. You obviously didn't read post #7. :rolleyes:
  14. heheh....another reason blah blah blah ppl repeat too many things.

    thanks shanku.
  15. I have a bit of a tip for practicers of this move. Instead of trying to do the spin holding it on the pad of the right middle finger, try to hold the corner more toward the first joint of the finger, about a quarter to a half an inch from the pad of the finger. That way, the card spins on a harder surface (the joint) than on a soft one (the pad). Also, pull the cards more to your left with your left thumb so that it's further out from the deck, giving it more freedom to spin. And, like everyone's said... loosen the pressure. It should be held almost to the point where you feel like you're dropping the cards.
  16. thanks a ton Blue- that helps alot

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