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  1. Hey guys what's up Im Bobby Roop pueblo magician and would like to share with you effects that get killer reactions in a restaurant. I've had a restaurant gig for about a year now and here are my 5 effects that get the greatest reactions some of you may know this already but here they are in order from greatest to weakest reactions.
    Card on ceiling used as a closer when they're ready to leave.
    Smoke which comes right before there food arrives (gives them something to talk about)
    Dresscode which is my other closer most likely done for returning customers
    Pressure which happens only if they start texting(gets their attention back on me)
    The salt trick only if they grab the salt for their chips or some reason (I don't perform while there eating their actual meal)
    I would like to know what effects get you the best reactions at restaurants. Things that will get their hands slamming on the table asking the people next to them did you just see that. Some people may find this uninteresting but I wish I could've found a thread like this when I first got hired so this is for anyone else starting a restaurant gig.
    Thanks guys
  2. I am reading the Restaurant Worker's Handbook right now and it says in the book to never do effects that have anything to do with putting an object in your mouth. I agree. Looking at this from a spectators point of view, would you want your cell phone inside of a balloon just blown up by a stranger? It's kind of gross when you think about it.

    I would never do Dresscode in a restaurant either. Knowing the method should explain why.
  3. With pressure I pop the balloon with a knife to get all of it away so they don't touch anything unless they decide to take it away from me nobody minds at all I think their to impressed to care about it and after a year of no problems I think I should be good.
    I don't do dresscode always. trust me I pay attention very closely to where they are and other tables I pay very very close attention I didn't mention that it's most likely my final effect of the night
  4. Awesome, thanks for the posting these effects that you do. Smoke is an interesting one. Way to go in finding away to do Dresscode.

    Back when I was working the restaurants, I'd do:

    - spoon bending
    - pen effects like re-cap or son of re-cap
    - card warp

    A comeback I always have, and I bet you that someone is bound to ask you this..."Can you make my bill disappear?". My answer, "I haven't learned that yet, by I can multiply it! ;) " lol.

  5. I were you I wouldn't perform smoke, dresscode and pressure. That's just me. Don't be bother.
  6. I usually perform scorch from the daniel garcia project as most restaurants have candles, and then it leads on to burn by daniel madison very nicely. I have had great reactions from this and i usually explain 'that is how i burn the back of a card, now i'll show you how i burn the front'. Works wonders for me and my style.
  7. Well...I did Dresscode last night without a problem...the thing is that I don`t do it in ALL the tables...and usually they are minding their own bussines...and when somebody look at me while doing the change..usually the don`t understand what I am doing...and when I do to their table I do a different set...that`s it...
  8. Pressure and Dresscode have been discussed for/against, but why wouldn't you do smoke?

  9. dresscode.. pressure...all good effects to be sure, but when i did restaurants these were my favorites(which i still use today)
    -fire wallet
    -sponge balls
    -invisible deck
    -jumbo coin routine
    -ambitious w/ mullica wallet ending
    -IT effects
    -insurance policy

    all killer....
  10. marcus eddie's stairway (five dvd) is great for restaurant , chest height ! visual , perfect !
  11. Best restaurant effects are ones that have money on the table.

    Stairway is great, Marcus Eddie even mentions that he makes more money on that one effect than any other.

    Friction by Calen Morelli on Function (9) is an other effect that would do the same thing.

    I haven't worked a restaurant in a few years but if I had to do magic at a restaurant I would perform those effects.
  12. I think the most worthed trick in Restaurant is still table magic, like spoon twister /bending ... and restore :)
  13. When I did restaurant magic, I did TT work, lots of different card effects,
    a few things from Gregory Wilson's on the spot, and a few things from
    I AoA.
    One thing I really miss not doing restaurants, is that it is an excellent opportunity to test out new material.

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