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  1. I just finished watching Insane by Andy Nyman, and it was insane (see what I did there?). Jokes aside, does anyone know of other tricks with a similar premise? (where essentially the magician and spectator end up choosing the same card). Doesn't matter if it's impromptu or not. I have recent become very interested in this style (not sure if style is the right/best word here) of magic and was wondering what else was out there. The list below are tricks that I can think of:

    - Do as I Do (first trick I learned)
    - Blind by Daniel Madison
    - Election by Eric Ross

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Selective by Daniel Madison (prediction matches card at any number), it could be adapted to be impromptu
  3. i have figured out a method to do Insane which im pretty sure is different from Andy Nyman's.
  4. I am working on filming and editing my new effect its a do as i do with a acaan ending are you interested
  5. "Insane" is essentially a version of the Open Prediction plot. An early prototype for these kind of effects was "51 Faces North" by Stewart James, there's a book called The Open Prediction Project by Thomas Baxter which compiles many methods and handlings, and Derren Brown's The Devil's Picturebook DVDs includes a couple of genuinely psychological versions. There are many more Open Prediction tricks on the market too, so it's just a matter of researching to find what you want.
  6. This is great guys. I did a bit more research and found two more similar effects by Daniel Madison (Roleplay from Mystique, and Overkill from Collateral). Seems to me Daniel Madison has quite a few effects of this nature. I'm going to see what else he has.

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