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Im looking for about 15-20 card/coin tricks to really focus on. I know a few tricks but not enough to go out and perform. Im looking for something thats hard hitting. Difficulty isnt an issue, im willing to put the work in.
Oct 11, 2007
Get Symphony right now! You will not be disappointed! There are 3 card effects and 2 bill effects...and they are all hard hitting and extremely visual oh yeah and impromptu! Plus, I would focus on more like 3-5 effects instead of 15-20 because that's a bit too much. Bottom line: get SYMPHONY!

Sep 1, 2007
San Diego
Being completly serious- You don't need those. You should master 3 tricks that you can do on a moment's notice. You can do it with 3 of each category, cards, coins, misc.

But going out and buying dvds with a lot of tricks on them usually end up being a waste, you learn a lot of tricks mediocrely and none finely tuned. I recommend Born to Perform personally.

I also recommend *looks through dvds and books* Gregory Wilson "Card Stunts", and "Larry Jenning's Thought On Cards" which is DEFINETTLY hard hitting and a LOT of practice will be needed to master any of the effects, even his oil and water.

You guys need to stop wanting to learn more and start refining and bettering your performance and patter.
Born to perform is perfect for you. it has about 4 or 5 diff effects/ routines.
2 card monte, ultimate transpo, biddle trick, and an ACR routine. i think there is one more but i dont remember.
also it teaches you all the slights you need plus more! its where i started off doing magic. and i recomend it to anyone trying to learn card magic and wants to perform
Nov 10, 2007
First off... I wouldn't worry about learing and performing 20 tricks at a time. What I and a lot of other magicians find easier, is to practice and master one trick at a time. It gives you the chance to really master ONE particular trick before you go out and perform it...
Apr 1, 2009
There is absolutely no need to have 15-20 tricks for street performing. If I had to sit through 15-20 tricks, much less, only cards and coins, I'd be searching desperately for an excuse to leave. Now, There's no reason that you shouldn't at some point have 15-20 tricks at your disposal. But it's unwise to "focus" on that many at a time. Technically if you were performing on the street, you could take one trick, just one, have it down perfectly, and do it 20 different times in a day, and it'd be original to the audience each time. you might of course want to mix it up for yourself, so maybe having just one trick isn't the best idea, but it's to put things in perspective. Why limit yourself to cards and coins? Be prepared for all situations. Business cards, Paper Money, Cups, Balls, Walnuts, Leaves, Pencils, Rubber Bands... Spontaneity is beautiful. When choosing these 15-20 tricks (which I suggest breaking into sections when learning them, meaning, learn them in groups of... 4-5 maybe?). Have a good variety of different plots, too, have some packet tricks, different audience participation ones, solo work, etc... Be ready.

Art Of Astonishment is A suggestion of mine.
Sep 1, 2007
Out on the streets I can't say that I perform more than 8 different effects, with a few surprises kept in reserve or if I'm just feeling whimsical.

By asking this forum to recommend you stuff, you're asking for an inundation of fangasms. Most of which aren't going to help you. Almost all of which will be either insanely expensive or relegated to latest-and-greatest syndrome.

What do you already know?
I know biddle trick, here then there, working on an ACR, a key card trick i cant remember the name of, working on getting the basics of coin magic down, working on crazy mans handcuffs. mainly i started this thread to get ideas on what would be some good trick sto really nail down im considering getting sponge by jay noblezada and cheking out bornt operform by oz pealrman
Sep 1, 2007
I know biddle trick, here then there, working on an ACR, a key card trick i cant remember the name of, working on getting the basics of coin magic down, working on crazy mans handcuffs.

You've got plenty to keep you busy. The ACR has a lot of mileage and key cards kick more ass than most magicians think.

Where are you learning coins from? Modern Coin Magic?
Sep 1, 2007
San Diego
I know that by reading a few of these threads and responses ;)

If you have ADD or ADHD, I understand. If you're lazy and refuse to think, then I think we should be allowed to do brain surgery to give you ADD or ADHD so you have an excuse
Aug 31, 2007

Lets try and keep things positive on this subject.

I think that learning 20 tricks at once is FAR from necessary, Guardian452 makes a good point: You really only needs 3 hard hitting effects you can perform without hesitation, and your set.

Stay chill,

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