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  1. I'm trying to expand where my magic goes... Anyone have good books on hypnotism for starters and intermediate and a link/source to buy them?
  2. Are you looking for "Hypnosis" or more "Hypnosis Magic" Stage? Parlour? something more "Impromptu"?

    this is going to differ, and you are going to get different views from different people, some will say you can learn from a book/DVD, and others will say you need to be formally trained in-person

    Just like you will get Hypnotists that disregard "Hypnosis Magic" and insist you learn "real hypnosis", hypnotherapy, etc

    so, it depends...

    If you want something aimed more at Magicians

    Anthony Jacquin - Reality is plastic - http://www.anthonyjacquin.com/shop/e-products/reality-is-plastic

    Anthony Jacquin - The Manchurian Approach (DVD's) - https://www.vanishingincmagic.com/stage-and-parlor-magic/the-manchurian-approach/
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  3. Looking for actual hypnosis. Not magic tricks that use hypnosis as a "cover" or story.
    The real deal
    I already know what it is having had it done to me before, .ooking for tecniques on inducing the state and all the descriptives of how the mind responds to it.
  4. Reality is Plastic is my first suggestion as well.

    But if you're looking for real - you'll want to look into Milton Erickson. You can't really perform with his stuff. But that doesn't seem to be what you're asking for...
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  5. "Reality is plastic" and "The Manchurian Approach" are not Darren Brown NLP pseudo-hypnosis "tricks", they are just for a more Magician, or performance than say hypnotherapy, or, clinical "hypnosis sessions"
  6. Yes thank you, looked into reality is plastic. Didn't understand what the original suggester meant with his message, thought he was refering to magic tricks.

    Got me the book with a free trial to audible and yes this is the kind of stuff i was looking for. Exactly. Anywhere i can get this as a nice hardcover or similar items that are not digital format?

    Ive Ive got a great collection of books in magic and would like my son to have access to them when he grows up as well as the hypno stuff as well
  7. Personally I would recommend The Trilby Connection over the Manchurian Approach - it's basically Jacquin taking a new student through Reality is Plastic, and then you also see him and his team critiquing some hypnosis performances.

    Not sure if the physical copy is sold any more. Head Hackers was dissolved some time ago, so he may not be printing it. PDF version is available on Jacquin's site, though.
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  8. forgot about that one o_O... yeah, I agree, I believe the "Manchurian Approach" is more aimed at blending Magic and Hypnosis, or, more of a performance focus, Trilby is a more of non-magic impromptu approach

    Both can be useful, especially if you want to start performing

    Video download on his site - http://www.anthonyjacquin.com/shop/...ion-effective-street-hypnotism-video-download
  9. Does Derren Brown never genuinely use hypnotism?
  10. That question is trickier to answer than it really should be. (This might get a bit long)

    Derren Brown knows hypnosis for sure. That's how he actually started performing. Some stage hypnotists will say he's not doing proper hypnosis because he doesn't necessarily follow the old-school, Encyclopedia Of Stage Hypnosis style inductions and such. Even Derren has said that he's not sure how much of it is purely social compliance and how much of it is any kind of altered state of mind.

    To expand on that, there's absolutely no consensus on what Hypnosis is. There has been studies done that do seem to indicate there is, in fact, a measurable alteration in brain function when in an 'hypnotic trance'. They measured the movement speed of people's eyes in and out of trance and found there was a distinct difference. To date, to my knowledge, that is the only study that has given any kind of definitive statement like that, though I also believe the study has been repeated to similar results. Not sure on that, though.

    So whether or not Derren, or anyone else, is using "Real" hypnosis is nearly impossible to properly answer because no one actually knows what 'real hypnosis' is.

    What I can say, having watched the vast majority of his TV specials and seen him live in NY, is that he does the same sorts of things I do when I hypnotize people - so I say he does use proper hypnosis in his shows. He just has enough of a reputation as a hypnotist and mental manipulator that he can skip over a lot of the process that smaller names would have to use to establish that reputation and rapport.
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  11. completely agree with everything @WitchDocIsIn said

    I would say more of the Psuedo-NLP is... more... "show" and he uses a lot of mentalist/magic techniques to support his Hypnosis
  12. Oh yeah, I skipped that part. Derren actually doesn't claim to use NLP. At least, not that I remember him genuinely doing. He claims to use hypnotic language patterns but it's generally NLP 'practitioners' applying the concept to his videos, trying to bolster their own claims.

    According to an interview with him (might have been his Penguin lecture, or something else, I forget) he went to one NLP conference, largely thought it was hogwash relabelled, and never pursued it. The group kept sending him a certificate, though, even though he never paid the fee and didn't want it. Pretty sure they were just trying to have him "in their ranks" as it were.

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