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  1. My problem is that after the trick is finished I have an issue with the IT getting caught on tiny hairs on my hands or fingers which causes it to come back to the original hand in a weird tangled way. Sometimes it isn't even wrapped around my hand anymore and I have it hanging on in a weird position.
    Wasn't sure if this was a common thing when trying to finish among people or if I am just finishing in a weird way.
  2. Learning to use this is challenging. I too am in the early stages of learning....but you can do so many amazing things, once you learn how to deal with it! My biggest problem is breaking it! I read somewhere that a bit of stretching is necessary when starting on a new one. I think this helps, but still... I keep 2-3 on my wrist as back up for those I lose while performing....
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  3. When you practice the routine, practice turning the action of putting the loop back in place properly as well.

    When I used to do stuff with loops I had the same problem. I have a patch of hair on the outside edge of both hands which would often catch the loop if I just kind of let it go. So I worked at basically revolving one hand around the other to place the loop back at the wrist, and turned that into a gesture that made sense in the context of the trick.
  4. Gets caught on the outside edge of my hand as well. I don't particularly like using Loops anymore but when people hear you levitate a card its all they want to see so I figured I should just suck it up and use it as a closing effect but I want to finish clean and letting go just isn't cutting it. I'll work on placing it back instead of letting go! Thanks!
  5. I also used to have the same problem. They would get caught on the hairs on my arm and I couldn't pick it back up, or I'd end up breaking it. I actually stopped using them because of this, as I wasn't comfortable knowing I was gonna break the loop if it got stuck.

    I haven't practiced with loops in over a year... In fact, this post reminded me I had some :D Thanks! I might go try them out again.
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  6. The reactions you get from using them are some of the best! I am just not a huge fan because it isn't exactly that much fun for me to perform. But when levitating card, it is something that people remember and keep talking about so I figure if I use them I should do it right.
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