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  1. Hey Everyone,
    Just came by to get some feedback from the community. I am the creator/designer behind the Bicycle Galvanic Playing Cards which launched on Kickstarter a few months back. Well, I'm looking to do that whole experience again by launching my second Kickstarter deck.

    I wanted to take a break from the sci-fi theme and focus on beauty and elegance. Not too mention there isn't a whole lot of purple decks out right now on the market. I'm looking to launch Dec. 15th on Kickstarter.

    Lucent Playing Cards offer a completely custom deck unlike the Galvanic. This means custom: Pips, court cards, numbers, fonts, tuck case, ace of spades etc etc.

    I would love to hear some of your thoughts in regards to the design. I'm open minded and willing to adjust anything to keep the crowd happy. As I learned from from someone in this field, you need to change it for them regardless if you like the outcome.

    Please visit the Facebook page to check out the designs uploaded so far. I am unable to upload them on here due to size restrictions. Also, please like the page for future sneak peaks, daily updates and contest!

    Thank you so much and I'm looking forward to doing this all over again!
    Sean Whelan
    3D Artist
  2. I really like the purple/black/white color scheme. Maybe consider intensifying the purple? Just personal preference. I'd rather the purple stood out just as much as the black and white did. Do you have any plans for the borders?
  3. I do plan on going through and popping the purple a little bit. As far as the borders go the cards will have no visible one (like a square box) but will have a white border.
  4. Well, as far as purple decks go, recently the purple artifice was released (like the v2's, this one not so much), and the Aurum deck (looks nice, but expensive). However, I do like the idea of more purple (or generally not blue/red decks) on the market.

    If you're going for an elegant design, I would like to see a Victorian/steampunk style deck be done (without the brass, though). I think a nice color scheme would be purple-white-gold-black, or purple-navy blue-white (which you have gone with).

    You seem pretty set with what you have right now, but I would feel like creating a textured background will help make the back design feel more filled in.

    Also, it still looks somewhat sci-fi, so I'm not sure what you will do for the court cards. I would like to see (as aforementioned) some victorian dressed figures, and look more classy than regular court cards.
    N0t very descriptive, but I hope it helps make up your mind on the final product.
    Good luck on the cards.
  5. After reading everyone's feedback on the back design, I went back and I went back and tried to accommodate for everyone's needs. Here is the updated design WITH corner designers for flourishes and filled the negative space on the sides. Let me know how you guys feel about this. The initial design in there but with your help I gave you what you wanted.

    Updated design can be viewed on the Facebook page! (File is too big for most forum uploads)

    Thank you!
    Sean Whelan
    3D Artist
  6. Two court cards have now been revealed on the facebook page. This will give you an overall look of how the rest of the court cards will be.
  7. Its official: Lucent Playing Cards will go live on Kickstarter tonight at 7PM Eastern Time! Early bird specials will be available for those who pre-order first! Spread the word!

    I do apologize for the wait though. It took a little longer for Kickstarter to approve for some reason. But everything is on track now!

    I'm really looking forward to this deck. I worked very hard on this project and cannot wait to see the outcome.

    Thank you everyone!
    Sean Whelan
    3D Artist
  8. Wow it wasn't even 24 hours yet and it reached 25% of the goal. Thank you everyone who pledged! That's one step closer to making this dream and this deck to reality. Those of you have not pledged, now is the time! International specials, combo specials, early birds etc etc

    Thank you again everyone and for all of the positive feedback I've received. I worked very hard on this deck and learned from the Galvanic deck on how I can improve visual and make customers happy.

    Sean Whelan
    3D Artist
  9. Goal counter has been added to the Kickstarter page! Would you guys like to see other rewards added to the list? Respond back and I'll add them for you.

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  10. Hey guys!
    I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year! Get any good gifts??
    Just stopping by to let everyone know that roughly 500 decks have already been pre-ordered. It is currently sitting with $4,601 towards goal (38%) and steadily increasing.
    Thank to those who already pledged! Really excited to hit goal and hoping that we can hit at least one of the extended goals.

    Thank you!
    Sean Whelan
    3D Artist
  11. Really excited, about to hit 5k in only 7 days! To get things rolling again I will be putting up t-shirts as a second reward! Will be 2 different designs.
    I want to keep the rewards small and not a store. A Kickstarter project should be a project dedicated to one thing with SMALL items to help you out.
    Let me know what everyone thinks of this idea. Will be posting images later on the facebook page! : D

    Don't forget to pledge if you haven't!!

    Sean Whelan
    3D Artist
  12. T-shirts are now available as a reward! Add $20 to any pledge to reserve one! (International is a little more due to weight and shipping). More designs will be coming within the next few days! Once the survey rolls out just let me know which design you want!

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  13. Kickstarter page has been updated! 43% of the goal has been reached and still has 19 days left. More rewards has been added including: More Galvanic/Lucent combos, bricks and early birds! Get them while you can and spread the word to get this deck funded. Still doing very well and has plenty of time left.
  14. Kickstarter page is now active : D

    Thank you in advance to those who are pledging this time around. I've worked very hard on these designs and I'm looking forward to seeing these come to life!
    Be sure to follow me on the Facebook page:

    Also a side note, please be aware the only reason I increased some prices is due to the new usps shipping prices.

    Thank you again to everyone,
    Sean Whelan
    3D Artist
  15. Sorry everyone been working a lot this past week.
    Just a quick update: Only 6 days in and 40% of the goal has been reached! Currently sitting at $3,764!
    Thank you to everyone who pledged so far and be sure to spread the page so we can hit extended goals.

    Just a quick thank you as well to Theory 11 for letting me create this thread here on the site. Been with you guys since day one and the people here are great. Love everyone's feedback through the years.
  16. So after being live for only about a week and a half, we're just about to hit 50% of the goal!
    Pretty good for not having any kind of rewards. I didn't want a store, my main focus is my playing cards and thats it.
    We still have 2 and a half weeks left so if you haven't pre-ordered your deck do so now so we can reach that goal faster.
    To those who pledged already thank you for helping me reach my goal one pledge at a time.
    Just like my previous Galvanic deck, I will ship the decks out in a timely matter.

    Also be sure to like the facebook page to see some upcoming offers to help me reach the goal faster : D

    Thank you!
    Sean Whelan
    3D Artist
  17. Thank you to everyone who believes in this project by pledging! It's doing pretty good in my opinion since it doesn't have any real rewards like other projects. My focus is these cards and not to run a shop as you see with most projects now.

    Since we're about to hit the 50% mark with 17 days still here is my promotion to every backer: You can add as many decks as you want for $5 each!

    This promotion will only run today till midnight (eastern time)! I am hoping this will bounce things back up and push it further to the goal.

    Not a backer yet? Select a reward tier first then add decks for $5 each!

    Thank you everyone again and hope it will get funded this time around. I do not want to go at it for a third time!

    - Sean Whelan
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