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  1. Hey Anyone whos anyting about what i'm asking,
    I was recently on the phone with a friend till late at night where she basically fell asleep. Though she did fall asleep, she wasnt deeply asleep. She could still hear what I said and would respond. At one point in time, she started wording her dreams and talking to me as if I was in her dream. At this point, what ever I say would happen within her dream. For example, I would ask her what she was reading, she would answer "italien text book", to which I would answer "no... thats a chinese text book". She would then realize she really was reading a chinese text book.

    Anyone know what this is called? It is sort of like a Lucid Dream, but one which she is not aware that she is in a dream.

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    what?...that`s just crazy..

    maybe she has sonambulism...
  3. Aw - Dreams, a subject I am deeply fascinated by... Actually, Lucid Dreaming is when the sleeper is aware that he or she is dreaming. Although, when one is Lucid Dreaming they can manipulate thier surroundings (in this case, the Italian Cooking Book was "transformed" into a Chinest Cooking Book [because of her doing]), but, in all, I can't fully clarify if she was Lucid Dreaming.
  4. It doesn't sound like a lucid dream by its formal definition, as Public.Enemy pointed out - they must be aware of the fact that they are dreaming, and I don't believe that this is the case here, and I'll tell you why.

    A person who is very close to me does the same thing (for those who are veterans of this forum, if you recall the thread I posted last year about a dream I had about a girl's house - funnily enough, this is the same girl, only now she's the one dreaming). When she falls asleep, I talk to her. I can tell her jokes, and she'll laugh, I can sing, and she'll sing along, I can ask her questions, and she'll answer. If she has nightmares, I can talk her out of them. Often in broken sentences and muttering, but she definitely answers. We often have entire conversations about random things while she's completely asleep.

    However, there is one exception: if I ask her if she's asleep, she won't answer. Anything about her state of consciousness, and she won't respond.

    Based on what sounds like a similar response to your story, I'd say it's probably not lucid dreaming - however, it's still very very cool.
  5. check his signature for the thread talking about it!
  6. I don't know if there's a name for that, but it's far more common than you might think. Though I'm too light a sleeper to hold conversations in my sleep, several members of my family will hold in depth conversations in their sleep. As will several of the girls I've dated and a couple of my friends.

    It may be a factor of hypnagogia.
  7. Ah I remember that thread, awesome one to read!

    Evidently this is very common, apparently I talk to people in my sleep as well but don't remember anything. I remember a time when I pulled a long all nighter and when I was in a conversation with someone I didn't remember a thing though they continued talking to me...until I fell off of the couch asleep...

    I am guessing what is happening is that your brain wants to keep working, but is to tired to, so everything works, but your memory goes blank.
    I again have no idea and am compleatly guessing.
  8. Ha Ha. That is great. I have taken Ambien before for insomnia / stress and have actually called people on the phone...talked for 10 minutes and not remembered anything the following morning.

    Scary stuff. My friends who I called said I was perfectly coherent and answered questions and everything....whoa!
  9. thanks guys
    just wondering.
    its fun stuff... i showed her a freaking amazing magic trick in her dream... too bad she didnt remember it.
  10. lol!

    Thanks for that OwnerM.
  11. OwnerM,
    That does sound like it... but the site says Somniloquy only lasts for minutes... I had a full 1.5 hour conversation with her...
  12. I heard on a radio show here in Australia about a girl who asked her husband is he was cheating on her. And he replied yes, which turned out being correct. She said that she could talk to her husband during him sleeping as if he were awake.

  13. Aww, snap!
  14. Yeah...
    That was the general idea.
    My friend didn't lie at all during her sleep.
    It was quite amazing actually. She also thought she was someone else...

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