M2 System

Jan 23, 2023
Hey all, brand new to this site. I used to use Ellusionist forums many years ago.

At that time there was a product (I think it was called the M2 System). Like a more powerful version of a Raven. I can't seem to find any info online about it, and the Ellusionist forums have seemed to disappear. Does anyone know the product I'm talking about and where I can find it?


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Sep 13, 2008
M2 was ... well, nothing like the Raven really. While it could also vanish a coin, it could also do a lot more.

It was basically a take on Patrick Snowden's PK Power. Another similar product was The Gift by Matt Sconce.

Unfortunately I believe all of them are discontinued at this time. Patrick stopped making it after getting copied so many times, Matt quit magic to be a filmmaker and writer (though he occasionally still does magic stuff), and E stopped selling the M2 a few years back due poor sales.

Patrick Snowden has been working with Kyle Elder to produce magic products, though, so I guess that's a possibility in the future.


Aug 20, 2010
Near as I can tell JJones actually meant the Raven X2. Which appears to still available at Abbots magic.

JJones may have mixed it up with the “M5 System”. The “M5 system is now known as PK PRO Magic Kit which appears to still be available at Tannen’s Magic Shop.
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