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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Oct 6, 2009.

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  1. Earlier this week, we recorded the third in a series of podcasts about Magic-Con. This third edition was the longest of the three, and will be split up into a few different parts. The first of which is below.

    This podcast features one of magic's most respected thinkers and creators - Michael Weber. His thought process and philosophy on magic is something we can all learn from and aspire to possess.

    Listen in as he speaks about magic, the related arts, and even hints about what he will present at Magic-Con in March. For more information about Magic-Con, check the official site at The conference will be held March 18th through the 21st in San Diego, California. Registration begins October 19th.

    [download] Magic-Con Podcast with Michael Weber - 10/6/2009
  2. Absolutely brilliant. Big thanks for this.
  3. Can't Wait! See you all there!
  4. The book references towards the end of this podcast are worth the listen all by themselves - be sure to have a pen and paper nearby when you listen to this.
  5. Great interview! I love Weber's approach to the art. Especially the points about focusing on individuality in magic, which is what art and expression is all about. Looking forward to checking out those references.


    ps Some nice gems of thought towards the very end of the interview as well. Great job guys.
  6. I really did enjoy hearing his perspective on the future of magic and role of technology therein - as a tool, not a means to an end - and especially not an end. He makes a good point about how to deceive in this world of instant information (or perception thereof) - where you can seemingly Google anything and find out who, what, when, where, how in seconds. It's a good listen and important philosophy for the modern performer to know.

    He also mentions how the performer of the future may not only be performing for the spectators in a room - but also the video cameras, the iPhones, the Flip cams, they may hold. As a case in point, I spoke late last night to Justin Kredible after he finished a show at Drake University in Iowa. Total number of students in attendance? About 300. Total number of people watching live on Ustream? About 75 concurrently, myself included. That's a lot of spectators watching through the web - and a number high enough to make you think.
  7. Definitely the best podcast in the series, thus far. Extremely insightful. Can't wait for Magic-Con!
  8. I was actually in the audience at Drake. It was a very entertaining show. Then when I got home I listened to the Weber podcast. Then I read a post about the Weber podcast, and now I'm replying to the post written by someone who watched a live internet version of a show that I attended.

    Technology is interesting. Bayme and I can reminisce about the same show that we saw in two different locations, and we can reminisce about it on a third-party forum because of technology.

  9. I understand I'm late to the party and the link isn't available anymore.

    So is there any alternative link to listen to this podcast? Or any other Michael Weber interview.

    Help will be much appreciated.
  10. You can find it on iTunes if you search for magic convention guide.
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