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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BenTCM, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. Hey!

    So I was wondering what the best magic apps are, like The Rising Card App. Please let me know!

    - Ben
  2. Magic apps are corny.
    If I ever use my i4 for magic, I use my own app-less 'magic' system for it. ;)

  3. The only magic app I have is the invisible deck app by ellusionist, its on andoid and also the ipod market (sorry to all the iphone fans, I don't know what its called). I'll admit that I almost never use it but it was a cheap price and a fun app to play around with, they offer a free trial version if u want to try it out.
  4. Hi Ben,

    Though I don't normally use apps when performing - the best app hands down to fool magicians (and laypeople) with is called Mental Killer by Max Krause. You should probably have an iPhone (I have a i4, but any iPhone will do), but doing it with an iTouch would work too.

    Anyway, it's so good, that it's basically like carrying an 'out' with you 24/7.

    iForce by Greg Rostami isn't bad either.

    Good luck,

  5. I have a TON, but I use only a select few. My favorites are:
    -iPredict by Greg Rostami
    -iForce by Greg Rostami
    -Mental Killer by Max Krause

    And, of course, I love performing my own Scribbles of Destiny, which does NOT use a "magic app."
  6. Mental Killer is $20, is it really worth it?

    I was also looking at card2phone, does anyone know about it?

    Jeff what other apps do you use?
  7. try tenyo magic "magic shuffle"..OMG for me this is the best invisible card tricks ever...
    although the animation not good enough but spectator know how it goes and easy to use and also user friendly...

    try it:D
  8. iPredict is incredibly great. The design and implementation of the method is just so clever and well thought-out that the $2.99 is worth it just to marvel at it. The fact that it's amazing to perform is almost a bonus. I bought it at 9.99 and thought it was totally worth it. The developer dropped the price and now it's an absolute steal.

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